4.0 beta (build 5168) is now available!

The second beta build for 4.0 is now available! We’re getting very close to the final release now :)

To install, you can either 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have “Also check for pre-release (beta) builds” enabled, or 3) download it directly on the forum at

Special thanks to volunteers on the forum for the new languages, and corrections to existing ones! http://forums.getpai…via-crowdinnet/

Here are the changes and fixes since the last beta build (5152):

  • Added new languages: Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Fixed many typos and clumsy translations in various languages
  • Fixed the main window growing taller and flashing black after being minimized and then restored
  • Fixed the tools committing their changes to the image when trying to exit the application (waste of CPU/disk)
  • Fixed the current layer not being preserved when using one of the Image -> Rotate commands
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in some cases if the mouse was positioned over the toolbar
  • Fixed some inappropriate text wrapping in drop down boxes in German (the text is now clipped with “…” instead)
  • Fixed the Recolor tool’s shortcut mistakenly being ‘e’ instead of ‘r’
  • Pressing ‘A’ now cycles through the shapes when the Shapes tool is active (Shift+A cycles backward)
  • Fixed mouse input centering for the brush tools when antialiasing was disabled
  • Re-enabled Ctrl+D as a “commit” button
  • Moved the “Finish” button (green checkmark) to the end of the toolbar and included the “Finish” text so that it is easier to aim at
  • Fixed some font previews rendering as gray instead of black
  • Fixed a crash that was most easily reproducible by copying an image from IE11 and then clicking on File->New Image
  • Image close buttons are now appropriately styled on Windows 7
  • Fixed a dangling progress bar after running some effects
  • Fixed some drifting color value problems in the Colors window when changing Hue, Saturation, and/or Value
  • Fixed a crash caused by 3rd-party visual themes that try to use fonts that don’t exist
  • Fixed a crash when toggling a layer’s visibility while using the Move Selected Pixels tool and then undoing
  • Fixed a crash when opening an image due to not being able to create the thumbnail for the File -> Open Recent list
  • Fixed a crash on startup due to the user’s My Documents folder not existing
  • Changed the canvas background color to gray when using the Blue theme
  • Fixed an error whereby committing an action, changing the active layer, undoing, and then redoing would cause the action to be redone on the new layer instead of the one it was originally drawn on
  • Fixed shortcut keys not working for toggling line styles and caps for the Shapes tool
  • Fixed some styling issues in the Settings dialog in the Tools section
  • Fixed some delayed crashes with some effect plugins which would happen when trying to do an action afterward
  • Fixed a crash caused by pressing Escape while drawing a shape
  • Fixed many plugin compatibility and crash issues



29 thoughts on “ 4.0 beta (build 5168) is now available!

  1. wh1tebird says:

    Thank you for the Ctrl+D command, one of the only complaints so far. I don’t use pdn enough for testing it thoroughly, but I’ll try to in the next weeks or so.

  2. Eric says:

    This is Awesome, still anticipating the final build of 4.? in the neverending process of Paint.Net…I know this has been asked before, so I take my turn with, “When is there going to be a graphics tablet Pen Pressure (creating varying thicknesses in a single line) capability added to this already extraordinary program?

  3. clem says:

    Thank you for all the work you put into this! One thing I noted is that I cannot turn off the pixel grid – if I open two images, zoom in, turn off the grid, then switch back and forth between images it is turned on again

      • clem says:

        drag .jpg file in
        drag second .jpg file in
        click ‘open’ to open the image (not ‘add layer’) (you have two .jpg files open, the second one is active for editing)
        slide slider in bottom right corner to the right (3200% magnified)
        (there should be a dotted line around every pixel)
        View -> Pixel Grid
        (the dotted line around every pixel should be gone)
        click the first opened .jpg file
        slide slider in bottom right corner to the right (3200% magnified)
        (there should be a dotted line around every pixel)
        click on second opened .jpg file again
        (view is still 3200% magnified; we disabled the dotted line earlier, but it’s back)

        It does not matter if the grid is disabled in one or both images – whenever I switch back and forth the grid reappears

        hope that helps – I can post screenshots for the steps if needed

  4. User says:

    the new Changes are realy useful, but the new Background isn’t so good. I liked the old one. If you could add an option for the Background color, would be great. 🙂

  5. d_std says:

    With latest update a pasting of images stop working. It says (translated from Russian, sorry): System.NullReferenceException: Reference to the object not points to an object instance in PaintDotNet.Actions.PasteInToNewImageAction.PerformAction(AppWorkspace appWorkspace) в D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\Actions\PasteInToNewImageAction.cs:line 81

    I’ve tried to paste an image copied to the clipboard from Firefox and Greenshot.

  6. rredline says:

    Dear Rick,
    Please restore back the v3’s “Move Selected Pixel” tool..
    The v3 tool use holding right mouse button to rotate selected pixel, EASY.
    The v4’s “Move Selected Pixel” tool.combined Move and Rotate into holding left mouse button, Very Very confusing and annoying!
    I have tried to get used to it but I couldn’t.
    Especially when the selected pixel area is small, it is practically unusable! It always Rotate when all I wanted to do is Move.
    I’ve spent twice the time to do the same project even after many hour of usage, all because of this horrible experience.
    So please, left the Rotate function to the right mouse button only, please.

  7. Dave says:

    As much as I like the merged shapes feature, it’s inconvenient that I have to click 3 buttons to select the curved line, which I use very commonly.
    In PDN 3.x the curved line had its own button in the “tools” panel, so I only had to click once.
    A keyboard shortcut for the curved line or a customizable panel would be really nice.
    I hope you’re having a great day.

      • daamee says:

        I see. I reckon 4 buttons is quicker than 3 mouse clicks, but it’s still inferior to the single click in 3.x.
        I can change the default shape in settings, but then I’d have to cycle for the box and the Bezier curve.
        I wish we could assign 1 key shortcuts to a particular shape…
        Thanks for replying, and the great program.

        • Brad says:

          The shapes tool is great, but I’d prefer if the line tool was separated from it. I still love the program though.

  8. Aarilight says:

    Is there a way to make custom colour schemes for the program to use? I’d like to make a dark one, I like working in dark environments.

    • Rick Brewster says:

      Nope. We tried making a dark scheme but it didn’t work very well — many of the UI controls just didn’t look correct, and it would’ve taken a lot of work to make it look good. Your best bet is to use a dark High Contrast theme from the Personalization control panel (in Windows).

  9. Rob says:

    Thanks for everything Rick. This is just an idea (heard that before?) : what if say you click on the shape tool, and it changes to be selected, as usual, but it also showed the current shape..subtype? Whatever you call it, where it’s outline, filled, or filled outline, and you just keep clicking on it to cycle through the options? Might make that process a little nicer, although I guess it’s slightly less discoverable to start with.

  10. goodthings2life says:

    Hi Rick, I’d like to see some improved high DPI support added for high-resolution devices that are using Windows 8.1’s DPI scaling. Thank you!

  11. Solal Pirelli says:

    Nice job!

    The French translation is absolutely awful, though. Any chance you’ll put the translations on some collaborative translation website where native speakers can fix stuff?

  12. rredline says:

    After some times, I finally get used to the new “Move Selected Pixel” tool. Thanks Rick for the development!

  13. Neil says:

    Fantastic so far… been using it a lot over last few days and all works great… for me it does… until I tried to save an image as an Icon using a plugin, which worked ok on 3.5

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