4.0 beta (build 5226) is now available!

The third beta build for 4.0 is now available!

To install, you can either 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) builds" enabled, or 3) download it from the forum at

Here are the changes and fixes since the last beta build (5168):

  • Rotation (Move, Shapes) now allows you to use the right mouse button to rotate, no matter where the mouse cursor is
  • The hit-zone for rotation no longer extends inside the object’s (e.g. selection, shape) bounding box
  • New languages: Hungarian, Lithuanian
  • Fixed some mouse input glitches when using Paint.NET inside of VMWare
  • Fixed all sorts of issues with Paste
  • Fixed blending modes sometimes getting saved incorrectly
  • Fixed an infinite loop with the crash dialog handling
  • Fixed constrained rotation (e.g. Move, Shapes) using a relative instead of absolute offset
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Move Selected Pixels tool caused by a flawed implementation of coverage sampling
  • Fixed an issue in the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools when using a Tolerance value of 0 whereby it would sometimes include colors that weren’t exactly the same as what you clicked on
  • Fixed a crash when using horizontal scroll wheels
  • Fixed the Settings dialog showing the wrong language
  • Fixed the increment for Pan/Zoom in the Rotate/Zoom dialog (it was 1.0, it is now 0.01)
  • Fixed the Rotate/Zoom dialog not always reloading the values that were used previously
  • Fixed the Pixel Grid indicators (View menu, toolbar) being out of sync
  • Fixed various plugin compatibility issues
  • Fixed various crashes



28 thoughts on “ 4.0 beta (build 5226) is now available!

  1. sbelus says:

    I can’t wait final version. This beta looks nicer than 3.5. I love window icons on the top right corner. Keep it up!

  2. Jan says:

    I noticed an issue in the beta of 4.0, but I am not sure whether it is known. To reproduce put a large image into clipboard. Then start and try to insert the image. You should get a prompt because the canvas is too small for the image. On this dialog there is a thumbnail of the image. For me, sometimes a part of the thumbnail is missing. Instead it shows a checkered pattern in gray and white. Which part of the thumbnail is missing or how big the missing part is seems to be random.

  3. Jeroen says:

    I’m running B 4.0.5226.41987 and still experiencing issues in rotating my image.
    When I have a part selected and want to rotate, inside the selectionbox is the full image and not just the selected part.
    When I want to rotated the image, and use pan to align it, the blur changes with using the pan.
    *I’m using a GIF image 30x50px

  4. Jeroen says:

    1. Download gif: [IMG][/IMG] @
    2. Open the gif in
    3. Zoom in till you can see the full image
    4. Press S
    4. Select the 3 flowchart items (x4, y7, w54, h32)
    4. Press: Ctrl+Shift+Z
    5. Rotate the image
    6. Notice the borders that aren’t selected are visible in the turning.

    *I checked with other .gif they work just fine, this one is weird.
    **I always though pan was for moving the rotated image to align it correctly within the image. I never knew it was also giving it an effect :#.

    • Jeroen says:

      I also noticed something weird with the Pan tool.
      7. Use the Pan tool to move the image around.
      8. Notice the blur changes on the image with every pixel moved.
      Is this suppose to or is is a bug?

      *Sorry for double posting cant find the edit button.

    • Rick Brewster says:

      I think you’re using the wrong tool for this. If you want to rotate something you’ve selected, use the Move Selected Pixels tool. The Layers->Rotate/Zoom is for rotating or twisting the entire layer, and will be clipped to your selection. It will not treat your selection as an “object” to be rotated.

  5. Neil says:

    Nice work! I am new to… How do I edit the text that I create with the Text Tool?

  6. rredline says:

    “The hit-zone for rotation no longer extends inside the selection”. Great! The Move Selected Pixel tool is much enjoyable to use now.

  7. rredline says:

    Found a bug here. If we paste a text into an image, sometimes the Move Text ”icon” (located at lower right corner of the text) does not appear.

  8. Nick says:

    Rick, amazing job.

    A question. If one is using Surface Pro then would the Paint.Net support pressure sensitivity when drawing?

  9. rajiv jadhav says:

    there seems to be a basic bug with the beta version. when you paste an image that is larger than the canvas size and attempt to manually resize it – by dragging the edges diagonally, the part of the image which is not visible in the canvas (becuase the canvas is smaller than the pasted image) – but, which you ca see the dotted outline of – disappears when you resize to smaller size. This is very annoying. I hope they fix this – since this is a very basic editing task.

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