Paint.NET shows up on Steam’s hardware and software survey

The good folks over at Valve collect and publish statistics about the hardware that their users have installed. For their latest July 2010 stats, they’ve started including installed software.

Some interesting highlights:

  • 56.82% have a dual-core CPU, 26.57% have quad-core, and 0.00% have 24 cores.
  • 100% have Steam installed. (derr)
  • Over 40% are using Windows 7, more than XP or Vista.
  • 5.81% have Paint.NET installed, vs. The GIMP at 6.26%. Not bad for an app that’s 8 years younger with fewer contributors than you can count on 3 fingers.

I’m looking forward to the next update!


Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

I don’t often make “publicity posts” but I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. Microsoft just released the official Ribbon control for WPF (download link). It’s 100% WPF – it isn’t sitting on top of the Windows 7 or MFC Ribbon control, in other words.

This is not the same as what was released about 2 years ago in CTP form. This is brand new, released today. Samples and source code are included!

Office Word style UI using Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

Question I know people will ask: “Will you be using this in Paint.NET!?!?!?!”

Pre-emptive answer: Probably not. Paint.NET is based on WinForms, not WPF, and will likely remain that way. Plus, I have other ideas for what to do with the UI in v4. I’m not convinced the Ribbon is what I want to use. If I did use the Microsoft WPF Ribbon (and I’m not saying that I will, remember), I’d have to be very careful since correctly mixing WinForms and WPF can be a bit delicate. Stay tuned of course.