I don’t often make “publicity posts” but I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. Microsoft just released the official Ribbon control for WPF (download link). It’s 100% WPF – it isn’t sitting on top of the Windows 7 or MFC Ribbon control, in other words.

This is not the same as what was released about 2 years ago in CTP form. This is brand new, released today. Samples and source code are included!

Office Word style UI using Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

Question I know people will ask: “Will you be using this in Paint.NET!?!?!?!”

Pre-emptive answer: Probably not. Paint.NET is based on WinForms, not WPF, and will likely remain that way. Plus, I have other ideas for what to do with the UI in v4. I’m not convinced the Ribbon is what I want to use. If I did use the Microsoft WPF Ribbon (and I’m not saying that I will, remember), I’d have to be very careful since correctly mixing WinForms and WPF can be a bit delicate. Stay tuned of course.