4.0 beta (build 5152) is now available!

The first beta build for 4.0 is now available!

To install it, you can either: 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 alpha build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) builds" enabled, or 3) head on over to the forum for the download link: 

Here are the changes since the last alpha build (5143):

  • Added a "Finish" (aka commit) button in the toolbar. It looks like a green check mark. This makes it much easier to discover how you finish a shape and then draw another one, for instance. Most of the non-brush tools support this (e.g. Move, Gradient, Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, Text).
  • Added a choice between Light and Blue color schemes to Settings. The default on Windows 8/8.1 is Light, and the default on Windows 7 is Blue.
  • Fixed some artifacts in the Magic Wand when making a "Global" selection
  • Fixed a crash in the Magic Wand tool that was causing people a lot of grief ("this.baseGeometry == null")
  • Fixed a crash in various tools (crash in ClickDragBehavior.cs line 270)
  • Fixed brush strokes being completely erratic over Remote Desktop
  • Fixed some very broken UI rendering over Remote Desktop with Windows 8
  • The icons in the top-right of the main window are now scaled correctly for high-DPI
  • Fixed a crash if you clicked to undo multiple actions after committing a shape
  • Fixed some performance issues whereby non-active images were still rendering stuff in the background
  • Fixed many tools emitting a history item even if the image was unaffected (e.g. drawing a brush stroke outside of the canvas)
  • Fixed a leftover progress bar in the status bar after loading an image
  • Fixed Ctrl+Arrow keys not moving the selection by 10 pixels (it only moved by 1 px) if you didn’t first release the Ctrl key after you pasted with Ctrl+V
  • Removed the dangling "Tool:" tooltip on the Tool selection button in the toolbar
  • Fixed a crash when the language was changed if the new language’s localized " User Files" folder already existed
  • Fixed the dash style button in the toolbar being too skinny at 96 DPI (it worked fine at >96 DPI)
  • Fixed the main window’s application icon being off by 2 pixels
  • Fixed Ctrl+D reverting selection movement if it was pressed too quickly after using the arrow keys
  • Fixed some missed thumbnail updates, especially for the Layers window
  • Fixed the Width/Height text boxes in the toolbar for Fixed Selection not having an outline around them
  • Fixed a visual styles related crash on some buttons in some cases
  • Fixed the main installer not running after the .NET 4.5.1 installer if it required a reboot
  • Fixed the installer seeming to disappear if there wasn’t enough disk space to install .NET 4.5.1
  • Shapes no longer finish/commit if you press the delete key
  • Non-active images no longer update their thumbnails when you make changes in another image which affect them (e.g. if you leave an uncommited shape on image 1, then switch to image 2 and change the color)
  • Fixed a crash in the Text tool if you try to use a "bad" font (one which shows up in the font list as a yellow exclamation mark)



16 thoughts on “ 4.0 beta (build 5152) is now available!

  1. Leo Feret says:

    Just a wish the image quality default was 5 instead of 2 in places like effects – distort – polar. Thanks for your great effort in getting to the first beta milestone.

  2. Wurstkabel says:

    I really like but there is one thing about your tool i really hate too!
    I always want to start in the upper left corner and it is somehow annoying that i can’t drag the image to the middle of the screen. It would be awesome if you implement a possibility to move the “drawarea” wherever you want.

    But anyway, thanks for your effort developing this great tool 😀

  3. Michele-Marie says:

    Wishing for a long time there was just one more node on the line tool so there is a centre point for better positioning in making applique patterns.
    Any possibility please?
    Other than that I have loved the program since it first came out.
    (A grandma)

  4. rredline says:

    As a IT Implementor, I have implemented Paint.NET into our school as a standard image editor for our students to learn. Thanks a lot!

    I would really hope that one day magnetic lasso can be implemented in this software, that’s the only major feature that I miss.

  5. joppe says:

    I love and I used it for editing scientific images. I convinced my co-workers that this program is by far the easiest and most versatile in the business.

    Working with for years and never realized that was an actual person behind this program working his butt off, stumbling on your blog, I donated immediately. Sorry it took me so long.

    The best to you.

    The Netherlands

  6. Bob says:

    Since PaintNet 4.0.3, the Smudge Plug-In from pyrochild no longer works.
    The .dLL is still in the effects folder, but it does NOT show up in the program anymore. The other Plug-ins from pyrochild still show up in PaintNet 4.0.3. What gives?!

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