I’m shooting to have a version 3.31 release by this Thursday, May 1st. There’s a nasty bug that’s come up in the v3.30 code base that I need to fix! The problem occurs with my use of the native Win32 API, SHGetFolderPathW(). If your Documents or Pictures folder is on a network share, and that path is unavailable (network down, haven’t typed in credentials, etc. etc.), then Paint.NET will almost certainly crash when you go to Open or Save. The fix is simple enough, of course, but this is causing a lot of headaches and an inbox full of crash logs for me.

In other news, the weather here in Kirkland is great* and I’ve got the week off. I can finally reliably finish Green Grass and High Tides in Rock Band on Expert (4 stars), and Grand Theft Auto IV comes out tomorrow.

* Well, for now … who knows what tomorrow will be like!