Paint.NET v3.31 is now available!

This is mostly a servicing release to fix a few important bugs that have been causing some people a lot of headaches. You can get it in the usual ways: either via the built-in updater (Help -> Check for Updates), or directly from the website:

Changes since v3.30:

* New: Enabled integration with Window Clippings, which is a high quality screen capture utility by Kenny Kerr.
* Fixed: Fixed a crash with the Open/Save dialogs if the Documents or Pictures directories were either inaccessible or if the user did not have certain file system permissions.
* Changed / Fixed: The hotkey for Adjustments -> Levels is now Ctrl+Shift+L instead of Ctrl+Alt+L. This was preventing certain characters, such as the Polish ‘ł’, from being typed.

For this update I’ve also worked with Kenny Kerr to enable integration between Paint.NET and his Window Clippings utility. It now has a built-in “Send to Paint.NET” action so that when you take a screenshot it will automatically send it to Paint.NET without a filename (“Untitled”). Before, this had to be done manually and it was a bit clumsy because it would show up in the File -> Open Recent menu with a long, computer generated file name. It was also tricky to ensure that the alpha channel, which Window Clippings captures correctly for Vista/Aero effects, made the trip correctly.

To kick this off, we also have a special deal — for the month of May we’re knocking $4 USD off the price of Window Clippings for Paint.NET users! Now it’s only $14 USD instead of $18 USD.

You will also see this offer when you install Paint.NET v3.31. I use this program myself, and it saves me a ton of time when I make screenshots, e.g. for the Paint.NET help and documentation. I really like how it automatically captures all of the Vista/Aero effects, such as the transparency and the drop shadow. I highly recommend it.


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