Paint.NET merchandise store is now open!

I signed up for a Cafepress account awhile ago but never got around to adding merchandise to it. This weekend, I finally uploaded all the images and set up the products:

The Official Paint.NET Merchandise store:
Paint.NET Merchandise Store

There are shirts, a mouse pad, mugs, stickers, buttons, hats, and a tote bag. If you have feedback on the selection, either leave a comment or join the discussion on the forum here:

Over the next week I’ll add links to the store added in other places, such as the main website. For now I’ve got the link here on the blog and on the forum. Cafepress doesn’t leave much room for profit, so this is mostly a promotional tool. Which means that if your intent is to send $20 to Paint.NET then we’re both better off if you donate directly. Purchasing a $19.99 shirt via Cafepress only nets me $1 or $2. If you want a shirt, then by all means buy one – but if you want to donate, then just donate 🙂

I’m not sure why I didn’t do this two years ago, it was rather easy to set up and the response so far has been very positive.