Paint.NET v3.30 — Final release now available!

It’s finally here! You can grab it via the built-in updater from the Help-> Check for Updates menu item, or go get it straight from the website at


Changes since v3.22:

  • New: Italian translation.
  • New: Ability to save PNG’s at 8- and 24-bit color depths.
  • New: Ability to save BMP’s at 8-bit color depth.
  • New: "Auto-detect" bit-depth option for PNG, BMP, and TGA file types. It will analyze the image and determine the lowest bit-depth that can still save the image without quality loss.
  • New: "Fragment" blur effect, by Ed Harvey
  • New: The "Polar Inversion" distortion effect has been enhanced to allow changing the rendering offset, and the behavior for "edge" pixels (clamp, reflect, or wrap).
  • New: For developers, added a Color Wheel control to IndirectUI for use in effect plugins.
  • New: For developers, added ability to customize certain properties of the effect configuration dialog via IndirectUI.
  • New: For developers, IndirectUI can now be used to write configuration UI for file types.
  • New: For developers, IndirectUI has a new radio button control type for enumerations, and some new property constraint rules.
  • Changed: Most effects and adjustments, including plugins that use IndirectUI, have been visually refreshed. The new look is cleaner and more compact. These changes are shown in more detail at
  • Fixed: Various UI issues with the Levels adjustment.
  • Fixed: When pasting text into the Text tool with Ctrl+V, it would hide the nub for moving the text.
  • Fixed: If the startup tool was set to the Zoom or Pan (Hand) tool, then the toolbar would render incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails for PDN images now include transparency, which improves their appearance in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: In some cases, an exponential property slider would get "stuck" at some values when using up/down keyboard keys. This mostly affects some effect plugins.
  • Fixed: When using keyboard navigation, sometimes the File menu would scroll its items out of view.
  • Fixed: Some crashes that were tracked down to out-of-bounds coordinate values in certain effects.
  • Fixed: The installer would fail if Paint.NET had never been installed before, and was being installed to any non-default directory. This bug only affected version 3.22.

10 thoughts on “Paint.NET v3.30 — Final release now available!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hello, can you put a blog link on your main website?
    I had to search google to find it since the previous blog link disappeared.

    Maybe next to your forum link at the top? Blog is only four characters so it shouldn’t be to hard to fit in.

  2. Vlad says:

    Hi, men. Good work!
    Just wanted to ask about CMS (Color Management System) – do you have any plan in the future to incorporate it? This this is really necessary for Paint.NET to be good photo editor also, not just painting tool…

  3. anonymous says:

    Yes, I second that. Actually on Vista, you can use Windows Color System. Please make color management a priority.

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