Well this has been an interesting release to push out the door … all sorts of interesting hurdles have come up including hardware threatening to fail, myself being really busy with other cool stuff at my day job, translators with food poisoning (they are better now thankfully!), and pyrochild’s computer refusing to work with a test build (pyrochild is an active and popular member of the Paint.NET forum). Have no fear though, it’s almost ready to go! I had a few code changes since Beta 2 so I decided to push out a Release Candidate instead of a "Final" build tonight. If all goes as planned, the final release will be pushed out this weekend.

As usual, you can get this build from the built-in updater (Help -> Check for Updates), or by downloading it straight off the website: http://www.getpaint.net/

Changes since Beta 2:

  • Fixed: Various UI issues with the Levels adjustment.
  • Fixed: When pasting text into the Text tool with Ctrl+V, it would hide the nub for moving the text.
  • Fixed: If the startup tool was set to the Zoom or Pan (Hand) tool, then the toolbar would render incorrectly.
  • Changed: Enabled some compiler settings which improve security via support for DEP (/nxcompat), and Windows Vista’s Address Space Layout Randomization feature (ASLR) (/dynamicbase).

As an aside, on April 1st the GIMP website had an interesting version of the Wilber image, and I have adopted it for my forum avatar for the time being …