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Last month I posted about how you can use Multicore JIT, a .NET 4.5 feature, even if your app is compiled for .NET 4.0. It’s a great feature which can help your app’s startup performance with very little code change: it’s essentially free. In some cases (e.g. ASP.NET) it’s enabled automatically.

But wait, there’s more!

Over on the .NET Framework Blog, Dan Taylor has posted a really good write-up about Multicore JIT with graphs showing the performance improvements when it’s applied to Paint.NET 4.0, Windows Performance Analyzer, and Windows Assessment Console. I was involved in the code changes for each of these (obviously for Paint.NET), which leads into the next link …

We also did a video interview with Vance Morrison (Performance Architect on .NET) which is now posted over at Channel 9:


Try this in the latest Firefox. First, make sure your search provider is set to Google, and then type “paint” in the search box. A drop down box filled with suggestions will be sent back from the Google servers, and …

… “Paint.NET” is the third suggestion J

Edit: Woops, it was usedHONDA on the forum that found this. Sorry I forgot to mention that!

A CBS affiliate in California had a short segment on free software, and they mentioned Paint.NET. There’s an online article by Jeanette Pavini that also includes a short clip from the TV broadcast.

Denny Arar of PC World magazine said a software program called offers good features for digital photographers.

“It’s an amazingly capable image-editing application. It does all the cropping, color correction — things you used to have to pay to get in software,” Arar said.

Maybe the Paint.NET logo should have a “As see on TV!” sticker J </kidding>

An intrepid forum member, “startreksuite,” pointed out that Paint.NET is on the latest cover disc. This was, as usual, news to me! So I stopped by Best Buy with a friend earlier today and after nerding out on all the video games and movie DVD’s and high-def TV’s, I found the issue and lo and behold, on the back of the issue …

Heck yes, very cool! It looks like they included version 3.05, so most of those who install will quickly get an invitation to upgrade to 3.08. Wow, I spent $9 on this thing! I wonder when they’ll start e-mailing me about these things 😉

I was going to pick up the PC World with Paint.NET in it, but they only had the June issue. I don’t think it’s set to make an appearance until the July issue, which should of course be any day now.

So I was drinking my morning coffee and I happened to do a quick ego search for Paint.NET at . To my surprise I saw half a dozen blogs linking to a new PC World article where Paint.NET had been ranked as the 19th Best Product of 2007!

(image editing software; free) This open-source photo editing application packs tons of muscle into a measly 1.3MB download that doesn’t cost a dime. Impressive.

The word I use to describe my reaction is floored. Regardless of the footnote-worthy review text, that ranking puts Paint.NET above industry heavyweights such as Gmail (#31), YouTube (#34), Firefox (#35), Picasa (#36), and (#58)!

Thank you PC World! That’s definitely an issue worth buying 😉