Paint.NET in the Firefox/Google search suggestions box

Try this in the latest Firefox. First, make sure your search provider is set to Google, and then type “paint” in the search box. A drop down box filled with suggestions will be sent back from the Google servers, and …

… “Paint.NET” is the third suggestion J

Edit: Woops, it was usedHONDA on the forum that found this. Sorry I forgot to mention that!


8 thoughts on “Paint.NET in the Firefox/Google search suggestions box

  1. Michael says:

    That’s been there for a while, but it still great to see Paint.NET in Firefox. I’m assuming that the screen shot was from Firefox, right?

  2. Paintball Guys says:

    Actually that is pretty interesting. I wonder why that happens? i wonder if it is because it is a single word domain and google just ignores the .com part.

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