An intrepid forum member, “startreksuite,” pointed out that Paint.NET is on the latest cover disc. This was, as usual, news to me! So I stopped by Best Buy with a friend earlier today and after nerding out on all the video games and movie DVD’s and high-def TV’s, I found the issue and lo and behold, on the back of the issue …

Heck yes, very cool! It looks like they included version 3.05, so most of those who install will quickly get an invitation to upgrade to 3.08. Wow, I spent $9 on this thing! I wonder when they’ll start e-mailing me about these things 😉

I was going to pick up the PC World with Paint.NET in it, but they only had the June issue. I don’t think it’s set to make an appearance until the July issue, which should of course be any day now.