More on Multicore JIT

Last month I posted about how you can use Multicore JIT, a .NET 4.5 feature, even if your app is compiled for .NET 4.0. It’s a great feature which can help your app’s startup performance with very little code change: it’s essentially free. In some cases (e.g. ASP.NET) it’s enabled automatically.

But wait, there’s more!

Over on the .NET Framework Blog, Dan Taylor has posted a really good write-up about Multicore JIT with graphs showing the performance improvements when it’s applied to Paint.NET 4.0, Windows Performance Analyzer, and Windows Assessment Console. I was involved in the code changes for each of these (obviously for Paint.NET), which leads into the next link …

We also did a video interview with Vance Morrison (Performance Architect on .NET) which is now posted over at Channel 9:


8 thoughts on “More on Multicore JIT

  1. Schniefelus says:

    Hey Rick. Do you thinkt the target-date 2012 is still realistic? I’m really excited for 4.0 final or beta.

  2. Rick Brewster says:

    Probably not unfortunately. The good news is that progress is accelerating. I just wrapped up the new Magic Wand tool which has the same adjust-before-commit ability as the Paint Bucket that I showed in my previous blog post.

  3. Andreas says:

    Wonderful features! So my biggest wish would be a release as soon as possible, even if some features are not ready.
    Please stand the tension to release an ‘inferior then promised’ version – better then to wait for perfection!
    Prepare for nagging (not everything perfect), but release, please 🙂

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