4.1.4 is now available

This is a small update that fixes some important bugs and substantially improves plugin loading performance. Sorry for the random crashes — it was actually a bug in Direct2D (a Windows component), and it took about a week to fully debug.

If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions.

For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the updater sooner by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website.

Changes in this update:

  • Improved: Massive startup performance improvement when lots of effect plugins are installed
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when closing an image, exiting the app, or sometimes just at random. This was happening due to a bug in Direct2D where ID2D1EffectContext does not honor the multithreaded initialization flag from its ID2D1Factory, and was thus corrupting its own internal data structures when released on the finalizer thread.
  • Fixed: DirectX 9 GPUs can now utilize hardware acceleration again (in 4.1.3 they were forced to use software rendering)
  • Fixed: The Black & White and Invert Colors adjustments no longer display an OK/Cancel dialog

Enjoy! 🙂


20 thoughts on “ 4.1.4 is now available

  1. Leo Feret says:

    Manually updating Classic 4.1.3 verbally says 4.1.3 is being downloaded, when in fact 4.1.4 is correctly downloaded.

  2. wieprzekpl says:

    Holy moly it loads in miliseconds now, and i dont even have that many plugins. I love this patch, thanks!

  3. DarthVitrial says:

    So you discovered a bug in part of Windows’ code that was causing the crash? Has Microsoft been alerted?

    Thanks for the update!

      • otakuforlife says:

        I don’t know if it’s the same problem homer was having, but I’m trying to do a project in the software and when I use the text tool, text does not show up at all even though I have color set to black. I’ve used the program (albeit older versions) in the past for projects where this was not an issue. It has only been an issue since I’ve updated the program. Suggestions on why this is an issue or is this a bug that needs to be fixed

        • Rick Brewster says:

          Can you create a thread on the forum in the Troubleshooting section?

          It is a muuuuuch easier place to have a discussion and to do troubleshooting than on a blog. This allows more people to participate and help, and is easier to find when others run into the same problem.

  4. artyr says:

    I noticed being very sluggish when moving around the mouse, so I turned on my monitor’s fps counter and it showed massive fps drops.

    Especially when I mouse over the colors circle it drops down to 20-30 and if I leave the cursor inside it slowly decreases further until it’s at 1 fps.
    Once I move outside the colors window it goes up again, but the overall bad behavior continues.

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