4.1.2 rollout paused

I’ve been getting crash reports from folks who have old GPUs that don’t support DirectX 10. As it turns out, the pixel shader I implemented to solve this issue:

… is causing issues on DirectX 9-era hardware such as the GeForce 6000 and 7000 series, NVIDIA nForce, and the Matrox M9140. I even got a crash report from someone with an SiS Mirage (?!). Talk about a trip through memory lane …

If you have 4.1.2 installed and are not experiencing a crash when zooming in or out, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you have 4.1.2 installed and are experience a crash, then go into Settings and un-check “Enable Hardware Acceleration (GPU)”.

You can still download 4.1.2 from the website, but the built-in updater will not offer it to you. In fact, it’ll give a 404 error if you try to manually check. I decided I’d rather have 404’s than app crashes for the time being.

I’ll be rolling out a 4.1.3 update just as soon as I can find something like a GeForce 7000-series to test with … there has to be a PC recycling store somewhere in the bay area with a box full of them, right? Smile (I ordered some cards off of eBay but I’d really like to get this solved today)

Thanks for your patience!


3 thoughts on “ 4.1.2 rollout paused

  1. iiarrows says:

    I have a Voodoo 2 installed, am I fine?

    Jokes aside… I think it’s better checking hardware capabilities and disabling hardware acceleration instead of trying to “fix” something that probably won’t even really give better performance.

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