4.0.14 is now available

This is a minor update that slightly improves the brush tools, and fixes a few weird issues that some people were seeing.

As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now.


  • Improved the performance of the Brush tools when antialiasing is enabled
  • Improved the quality of the Brush tools when antialiasing is disabled
  • Fixed: Edit->Paste wasn’t working with some images that came from Firefox (as discussed at )
  • Fixed: Improved the reliability of Image->Crop to Selection on 32-bit systems. Instead of crashing when it runs out of memory, it will just show an error.
  • Fixed: Reduced crashes when loading UI images caused by an unreliable Windows component ("System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid")
  • Fixed: When manually checking for updates in the Settings dialog and the user didn’t actually have the necessary security privileges, a crash might result instead of an error dialog.

Enjoy! Smile


6 thoughts on “ 4.0.14 is now available

  1. Rhyeese says:

    Thanks! Love! Been using it for quite awhile, and I still keep discovering new things about it and new ways to use it. I make a huge amount of animated gifs. Would love to see gif/animation features added.

  2. Tomas Olivieri says:

    Thank you so much for the improvement im the this useful tool i use quite often to paint some textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepare3d

  3. ScottyBMC says:

    Gosh, Rick – how do I put this? Oh – I know … You’re. A. Total. Legend. Absolutely adore this software and have been an avid Paint.Net user and fan for a few years now. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

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