4.0.13 is now available

This is a minor update that fixes a few high priority problems that many people were bumping into.

As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now.


  • Fixed "Missing api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0.dll" error that was being seen on some Windows 7 systems due to partial install or uninstall of Microsoft’s Universal C Runtime
  • Fixed the layout for the File->New, Image->Resize, and Image->Canvas Size dialogs in all known situations (various languages, DPI sizes, font configurations)
  • Fixed: Old versions of PSD plugin couldn’t load due to removal of PrivateThreadPool
  • Fixed a crash when typing a negative number for a zoom level



35 thoughts on “ 4.0.13 is now available

  1. p780624d says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

    Was ist mit Paint Net 4.0.13 für Windows XP, MacOSX, MacOS und Linux?

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen!

  2. Loki says: made me leave Photoshop I am in love with this. Best Best Best thing for Quick Clean Edit. Many Thanks & love from India Homie

  3. Murti says:

    Thanks. Can you add a “original view” or “preview window” like paint.When you drawing pixel art zooming and zoom out wasting time.

  4. Nicolas says:

    Thanks. Is a portable version available? At work I’m not admin on my PC, I can’t install anything…

  5. fm says:

    Cannot download it, I follow the link and it just does not appeard after the prpocess, I have a Windows 8.1 Pro, does it have any restriction for 8.1 Pro?, please help.

  6. Max Madrasi says:

    re: .dll error due to MS C runtime improper install/uninstall, I faced it with PSD and Optimized JPG plugins on my Windows 8.1 system too. This update seems to have fixed it too! Great.

  7. eneko says:

    Recently, I learned about this software.

    I thought that this software was open source until the previous version, but can you still download the source at that point?

  8. Antman says:

    All the best to the crew I am really grateful to be using your program. It’s very user friendly and an amazing example of the talented coders that make up the software team.

  9. KT says:

    When are you putting pen pressure back in? Trying to vary line width by drawing the same line over and over is a damn nightmare.

  10. Johan Steyn says:

    The curves function is broken after the last update. You can change it once, but then it has no effect, especially if you try to change just one channel, like on the RGB. Please help fix this.

    Best software. A few small things still missing:

    1. Variable rotation
    2. Block pixel editing mode like on pict bear, which is actually irritating when you do not want it always (Pict Bear).
    3. Ability to change selection size after selecting. The same goes for shapes. We need to resize the shape to our liking and then click ok when it is ready. If I want a circle to in a specific place and I draw and it does not, I want to resize it until it fits. Now I have draw and draw until I get lucky.

    • Rick Brewster says:

      I’ll check into the Curves bug.

      As for variable rotation and changing a selection size, you can already do this. After drawing a selection either switch to the Move Selection tool in order to change the selection, or to the Move Selected Pixels tool in order to modify the selection and its pixels (including free rotation).

  11. Martin van Rijnsbergen says:

    the use of arrows in images is very common (a rectangle combined with a triangle filled with a certain color) – is it possible to create standard arrow shapes in another layer, import them and rotate/move them into any desired angle/position ?

  12. Rikky Boy says:

    When you’ll update UI icons for DPI>100%? Looks blurry or pixelated AF 😦 (Windows 7/10).

  13. Rikky Boy says:

    And are there any plans on improving resizing algorithm for downsizing (late PS, Pixelmator, Affinity Photo are quite far away)? For upscaling nothing can beat waifu2x so it doesn’t matter.

  14. Peter Booras says:

    Always have loved your software! Tonight I installed a new computer for my significant other and her is what I get when I attempt to d/l here is what I get:

    The request could not be satisfied.
    Bad request.

    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: CT92pJBp3Hgcr3hEzxTGXNvMPUkzZj3ZKpPLssaw9f_BybqecMA9AA==

  15. johnp says:

    Something one of my colleagues mentioned:

    The Move Tool currently doesn’t change the cursor if it’s hovered over a corner-point. It would be far more intuitive (especially for new users) if it changes to a resize cursor (↔, ↕, ⤡, ⤢). This would also prevent accidental moving if the user misses the corner-point by a couple pixels.

    • Rick Brewster says:

      It changes to a “hand” cursor. I wanted to use the compass directions, but things get really weird when you’ve done a rotation. If the angle is, for instance, 20 degrees … which double-edged arrow should you use? Up-down won’t work, nor will left-right, and even the diagonal ones are off. It just felt really, really weird. So I went with the hand cursor, which means “click and drag on this.”

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