Paint.NET v3.5.10 is now available

As promised, here’s the update that fixes the shortcut keys for View –> Actual Size.

And as usual, you can either use the built-in updater from the Utilities menu, or you can download and install directly from the website: There’s no need to worry about removing the old version; that is all handled automatically.

The official changelist:

  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+A now works again as a shortcut for View -> Actual Size (broken in 3.5.9)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+0 still works for View -> Actual Size even if 10 or more images are open (broken in 3.5.9, it would switch to the 10th image).



19 thoughts on “Paint.NET v3.5.10 is now available

  1. Thu Win (@tyw7) says:

    Thanks for the notification. Just updated Paint.NET. Didn’t really notice the bug as I don’t really use that feature 😀

    Keep up the good work! Paint.Net is my favorite image editing program (as it is light and can do just as many tasks as photoshop). I prefer Paint.Net over GIMP!!!

  2. Grijan says:

    Thank you very much. I work with Paint.NET daily to adjust my photographs, and use Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Shift+A a lot to switch between full view and actual size, in order to see how the selected filter work both on the whole image and in detail. Ctrl+Shift+A not working has almost driven me insane! If it not were for your promise of fixing soon, I would have downgraded to v3.5.8.

  3. Lance McKnight says:

    Wow, Rick, you sure leave no stones unturned. I’ll admit I don’t use this feature, but tried it one night, and discovered it didn’t work. Glad you released a new update.

  4. Blubbeh says:

    Nice update as always.
    But I noticed if there’s an update and I select to install it when I close while I opened it with a file, it forgets to open the file after the dialog.
    Otherwise, great software.
    (and yes, too lazy to sign up in the forums for a bug report)

      • Blubbeh says:

        That’s not what I meant.(but good idea, indeed)

        I opened an image with via Explorer and the Update-Dialog popped up. I chose to install it after I close German version, so I can’t recall the exact text). Okay, was still open, but it didn’t load the image.

        Hope it’s understandable now.

  5. Sakura93 says:

    I just have a question. I saved an image as a pnd,but all of a sudden when I open it,it’s going slow and freezes so many times!

  6. Daikoni says:

    Hey there! I just wanted to tell you, paint.NET is amazing!

    Some people can argue about photoshop, but i avoid using it… It’s paid, resource intensive (large load times, memory used, etc), and i’m a programmer, not designer… Even Gimp (i used it for long time, until someone told me about paint.NET) was slower, and pretty less clean.

    Congratulations Rick!
    You simply created the best image editor ever!

  7. Franken II says:

    Hi Rick, I really appreciate your work and I think Paint.NET is a nice program.

    I have seen many people in your blog argue that they would prefer the ribbon interface, well, I am totally against it. Other nice products like FoxitReader switched to a fancy interface and I think it was a step backward, specially considering that now their product it is slower and requires more resources (in fact, there are many complaints in the forums). I hope to never see applications such as Media Player Classic, OpenOffice, Visual Studio or other developer tools forcing ribbon to the user.

    About the end of WinXP SP3 support in the newer versions I think is a real pity. I discovered Paint.NET searching for a lightweight image editor. It is specially important for older older computers and NetBooks that are not well suited to run newer and more bloated operating systems. I hope that at least you could do bug-fix releases if needed for the older 3.x version.

    Thanks again for such a great program like Paint.NET!

    • Rick Brewster says:

      Yeah the Ribbon is great for an SDI (single document interface) application with a ton of commands. One of my design aspirations with Paint.NET is to keep it simple. Every command should be close at hand. The ribbon just adds another dimension of command navigation.

  8. Trybik says:

    Could you please add HSL color model aside (or instead of — optionally) HSV? Paint.NET is used much for web-related works, and the ability to interact with this color model would be most welcome.

    Another nice addition would be a box where I could copy/paste the color description in hsl() or hsla() notation (just like there is a box with RGB in hex)

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