I last reported on usage stats back in February, when Windows 7 had finally tipped the scales to become the OS used by the majority of Paint.NET users. I’m going to use a briefer format this time and just report on the OS and CPU stats so that I can spend more time on another blog entry (in other words, no table and no language stats this time).

Windows 7 has hit 55.75% (previously 44.74%), XP has fallen to 32.99% (previously 39.57%), and Vista has tumbled to only 10.98% (previously 15.55). And in other good news, 64-bit has jumped all the way up to 34.26% (from 26.08%), while only 65.74% of Paint.NET users are trucking around with a 32-bit version of Windows (down from 73.92%). If you haven’t migrated to 64-bit yet, I highly recommend doing so! And also be sure to install the latest service pack for the version of Windows that you’re using (SP3 for XP, SP2 for Vista, and SP1 for Win7).

Some other stats that I haven’t included before:

  • Of the Windows 7 users, 37.70% are using the “RTM” version and 62.23% have upgraded to SP1.
  • Of the Windows Vista users, 19.14% are using SP1 while 79.40% are using SP2. Only 1.40% are using RTM (possibly due in part to having dropped RTM support awhile ago).
  • Of the Windows XP users, 2.63% are using SP2 while 97.34% are using SP3 (possibly due in part to having dropped SP2 support awhile ago).
  • About 98% of the user base is using Paint.NET v3.5.3 or newer.