5.0.3 beta (build 8482) is now available

This update contains a handful of targeted fixes, and the ability to draw (and resize) shapes from the center.

In this update I’ve also rewritten the Direct2D initialization code to modernize it (switching away from ID2D1HwndRenderTarget, in other words). For now you should see no difference, in terms of rendering or performance, compared to previous versions. Future updates should see reduced memory usage and improved canvas interaction capabilities as I investigate and integrate the use of newer Windows libraries like DirectComposition and DirectManipulation.

If you have multiple monitors and/or multiple GPUs, especially if you have multiple monitors plugged into different GPUs, then I’d very much appreciate you testing this build! Launch the app, move it to other monitors, maximize it, restore/minimize, do all sorts of things. Everything should just work like it always has. Please let me know immediately if the app crashes, stops rendering, or hangs.


This build is available via the built-in updater as long as you have opted-in to pre-release updates. From within Settings -> Updates, enable “Also check for pre-release (beta) versions of” and then click on the Check Now button. You can also use the links below to download an offline installer or portable ZIP.


Download the installer here (for any supported CPU and OS). Offline installers, portable ZIPs, and deployable MSIs are available over on GitHub.

Changes since 5.0.2:

  • New: You can now draw from the center when using the Shapes or Line/Curve tools by holding down Ctrl. You can also resize uniformly by holding Ctrl.
  • New: You can now resize uniformly (“centered”) by holding down Ctrl when using the Move Selection or Move Selected Pixels tools
  • Fixed: Edit -> Copy and Copy Merged are no longer greyed out (disabled) when a selection is not active; they will copy the entire layer or image. You could always use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Shift+C) to invoke these commands, but the menu items were not clickable.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on the color wheel in the Colors window will now set the secondary color
  • Fixed some issues with the Text tool recentering the view when it shouldn’t when keys like Ctrl are pressed
  • Fixed some JPEG images failing to load because of malformed IPTC metadata
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools
  • Fixed an uncommon rendering glitch with the Text tool when antialiasing is disabled
  • Fixed an issue with some older plugins that were using the legacy Gaussian Blur effect with radius=0
  • Added an /ignoreCorruptPDNChunks command-line parameter to assist with certain data recovery scenarios for .PDN files
  • Updated the Direct2D initialization code in order to modernize it and enable future work that will optimize performance, memory use, and interactivity (e.g. with DirectComposition and DirectManipulation)
  • Updated the bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version, which adds error diffusion dithering support for the BC1-3 formats (thanks @null54!)

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