4.3.10 is now available

This is a hotfix to address an error with Image->Resize when used with certain image sizes.

NOTE for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and 32-bit/x86 users: Paint.NET v4.3.x will be the last release(s) that work on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or on any 32-bit/x86 version of Windows. It has become significantly more difficult and time consuming to support these lately, not very many people are using them, and I can no longer justify the cost and frustration of keeping support for these afloat. Starting with Paint.NET v4.4, only Windows 10 and 11+ will be supported, and only on 64-bit (x64 and ARM64). Updates for 4.3.x will be released on an as-needed basis until v4.4 is completed.

Get the update

  • Microsoft Store release
  • Classic Desktop release
    • Download the installer directly (web installer for all CPUs and OSes). This is the recommended download if you don’t have Paint.NET installed. It can also be used to update the app.
    • If you already have it installed, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so, but you can also get it immediately by going to βš™ Settings -> Updates -> Check Now.
    • Offline Installers and Portable ZIPs are available over on GitHub.

Changes since v4.3.9:

  • Fixed an error with Image->Resize when using Nearest Neighbor resampling with certain image sizes

Since this is a hotfix, here what also changed in v4.3.9 compared to v4.3.8:

  • Added a workaround for a bug in the latest Windows 11 Insider "Dev Channel" build 10.0.22567.0 that is causing a lot of crashes. Microsoft has a hotfix coming soon.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Shape Maker plugin that was preventing the ability to open or save shapes
  • Fixed the precision of color channel values for images with transparency when using the Invert Colors or Black and White adjustments. Before, color values were reset to zero if the alpha channel was also zero.
  • Fixed the rendering for Image -> Resize when using Nearest Neighbor. Sampling was off by 0.5 pixels, causing incorrect results. Reported here:
  • Fixed a crash in the Quantize effect when Alpha Threshold was set to 0 and the image was completely transparent
  • Updated the bundled AvifFileType to version This updates the AOM version to 3.3.0. (thanks @null54!)



4 thoughts on “ 4.3.10 is now available

  1. Martin says:

    Just recently, I noticed that PDN doesn’t keep the “Colors” tool window’s state between sessions, i. e. if “More” was pressed & the window expanded the last time PDN was launched.
    Instead, it always resets to the non-expanded state.
    Earlier versions of PDN kept that state – would you mind adding that back in, Rick? 😊

  2. darthvitrial says:

    Very much not a bug on the PDN side of things, but Windows 11 build 22610 causes the Windows Store version of PDN to constantly crash, with the crash traced back to coreclr.dll. I’ve reported it in the feedback hub, but any chance you have a contact at microsoft you could report it to directly?
    The build supposedly “fixed issues with .net apps” so it looks like they broke something while “fixing” it.

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