4.2.6 rollout suspended – 4.2.7 soon!

Just a quick note that I’ve removed 4.2.6 from the auto-updater because a lot of people are having problems with it crashing immediately after installation. I’m trying to get a 4.2.7 release out ASAP.

If you’re already on 4.2.6 and it’s working fine: great! You’ll be fine, no need to worry. This doesn’t seem to affect the Microsoft Store version either.

The problem seems to be that the local copy of the System.Runtime.dll stub was updated to a new version (, but some systems are holding onto the old version instead ( When the app needs to load it, the .NET runtime gets mad because it can’t find Even though it’s just a stub that doesn’t do anything …

This is just a giant mess stemming from adding the System.Buffers nuget package in this version. All I wanted to do was use ArrayPool, but it brought along about 50 stub DLLs from .NET Core and it has caused a ton of versioning nonsense into the installation.

There also seems to be a small bug in the shell extension (which provides File Explorer thumbnails) that may be keeping this file locked, and another bug in the setup wizard that’s ignoring a flag indicating that a reboot is needed, and all 3 of these problems are causing quite the storm.