4.0.20 is now available!

This update adds a new Dark Theme, significantly improves High DPI support, adds Explorer thumbnails for TGA and DDS image types, and also includes a whole lot of small improvements and bug fixes.

If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next day or so.

For the Classic release, you can use the built-in updater by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download it directly from the website.




17 thoughts on “ 4.0.20 is now available!

  1. Rhialto says:

    Dark theme, nice! Should help the eyes to relax when working late in the dark. P.S. The french part about Win 10/Windows Store when installing is badly translated, just saying for next time.

  2. James Flasch says:

    I just tried to install 4.0.20 on my windows 10 system, and it failed totally. The installer gave me a window saying “The following will be installed:
    .net framework 4.7.1
    I click OK and get a window indicating files are downloading and then nothing! What’s happening?

  3. daniel says:

    The dark theme is coming along nicely but still needs some work on the dropdown controls such as around the brush width drop down where there is a jarring white border.

  4. Josh says:

    There is either a bug now or an unwanted function. When copying and pasting a large image to a smaller frame and selecting “Keep Canvas Size” the image will copy, but then any attempt to adjust the size of the selected image will immediately cut all of the edited image, leaving only the initial upper left corner piece that was visible upon initial copy/paste.

  5. altjoeg says:

    I run Windows 10 Pro version 1511 build 10586.
    It has .NET Framework 4.6.1.
    The 4.0.20 install/upgrade says it is going to install .NET 4.7.1.
    I stopped the install, and downloaded .NET Framework 4.7.1 manually, but it says it is not supported on my version of Windows.

    Q. Do I go ahead an upgrade (and will the 4.7.1 framework install just fail or something)?

  6. Luxinfabula says:

    I really like the dark theme! Another reason to use as my main image editor

  7. Boris says:

    Mist, dass man während der Installation keinen Installationspfad wählen kann…!!!

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