4.0.19 is now available

This is a hotfix that fixes a startup crash, and fixes Explorer thumbnails.

As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. You can also purchase it from the Windows Store , in which case updates will become completely automatic and you’ll never have to worry about it ever again Smile 

This is the first time that folks will get the chance to have an update through the Windows Store (that is, to update from 4.0.18 to 4.0.19). Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I expect the Store version will be “behind” the Classic version by a day or so, pending Microsoft’s certification and server propagation.


  • Fixed missing thumbnails in Explorer for non-.PDN images (e.g. .PNG, .JPG), if Paint.NET was configured to open these types by default
  • Fixed a crash at startup that affected some people with a redirected Documents folder (e.g. network share)

Here was the announcement for 4.0.18, which had more changes.

Enjoy! 🙂


20 thoughts on “ 4.0.19 is now available

  1. John Dangerbrooks says:

    I tried purchasing from Windows Store. But everything went haywire. Now, the icons of a lot of my Windows Store apps are dimmed. If I try to start them, Windows tells me that I must reinstall them due to corruption. And trying to reinstall does not always succeed. Ouch.

    Also I noticed that the text of some of my Start menu items are gray while others are white.

  2. rainmang says:

    Used Paint.Net for years. Now I bought it. Thanks a lot for your wonderfull application

  3. Royi Avital says:

    Hi Rick,

    You asked about the motivation for using Portable applications.
    I’m pasting my answer from previous threads (As it is old):

    I like using portable applications all across my applications (Usually using PortableApps when it is offered) in my main computer, not even in a USB but just on a secondary HD.
    When I say portable I mean 3 things:
    1. Doesn’t leave any trace on the computer (Registry, files, settings, etc…).
    2. All settings are located in the program folder.
    3. Doesn’t require any privileges (Administrator, etc…).

    The reasons are simple:

    1. It mitigate the tendency of Windows to get slower with time as the registry and all other things revealed to the OS are the same as they are in the first day of installation. Besides updates the OS is clean.
    2. Applications are disconnected form OS. It means I can format my computer any time and once the installation of Windows is done (Very quickly these days) I have a fully working computer.
    3. Security – No installers which are granted Administrator rights. Besides updates of Windows nothing ever gets Administrator rights.

    Actually, I think this model should have been the design choice of Windows.

    Regarding Pain.Net:

    1. I wish portable mode was part of the installer (Which shouldn’t be granted Administrator Rights unless the destination directory requires so).
    2. Better choice would be utilizing PortableApps framework.
    3. Please make it real portable. Nothing to be left behind, no registry, no files, nothing. If the program needs temporary files, great, use them. But just like walking in New Zealand, leave nothing behind.

    Thank You.

    • Jason Martins says:

      Reason #1 is a myth although people love to believe it and even pay for snake oil “system cleaner” apps. Reasons #2 & 3 are valid and I agree with them.

      “True” (stealth) portable mode being an option in the installer would be great. Either that, or just an out of the box already portablized ZIP distribution. Whichever is easier. PortableApps would be good but I don’t think Rick should waste time on it. If ZIP version is already truly portable then that’s all we need.

      • Royi Avital says:

        #1 is very much true. It has nothing to do with the cleaners (Which are just rogue applications). Windows gets slower when more applications are installed. Part of it is due to the fast each application adds to the complexity of managing the Windows Data Base and other related to installed application tend to add processes which runs in the background (Updates, Launchers, etc…). All of those do not exists with Portable Applications.

        • John Dangerbrooks says:

          Oh, man. The person to whom Jason targeted the myth comment believes in said myth. Not just that, but also believes in a mythical “Windows Data Base” and believes that portable apps have no updaters or launchers. (Clearly, Royi, you’ve never seen

          • Royi Avital says:

            What do you mean?
            I’m a long time user of PortableApps.
            Actually I don’t use applications unless they are offered in PortableApps form (With 2 exceptions).

            PortableApps doesn’t create any background process which constantly runs in the background to update applications. The update wizard only runs once at the launch of the PortableApps menu.

            Windows’ data base is the registry.
            Try installing Adobe’s products, Office, Google’s products, etc… and see how Windows is slower to startup and run.

            Yet my system, as it uses only PortableApps based applications is just like a new installed Windows.

            Windows 10 has greatly improved this, yet still Windows runs better on its first day than a year later when the system has many applications installed.

            This is why Windows 10 offers (Microsoft even recommends) the model of Store Based application which in many ways much more similar to Portable Application.

    • Pop says:

      I agree and PFP (Pay or Portable). is the last app I lack a suitable portable substitute for.

    • Dikshit says:

      Please make some changes in line width as we we take point 2,4,6 line width its make print blur while when we take 1,3,5 its clear print, also when we take square, rectangular, with line width 2,4,6 it get clear print not getting blur. so adjust line width similar to rectangular or square

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