4.0.16 is now available

This is a hotfix for a crash that results from copying images from some web browsers. Unfortunately this seems to be the result of a bug in either the .NET Framework or Windows. I’ll try to follow up with folks at Microsoft when I have some time to do so.

As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now.

Change log:

  • Fixed a crash or hang that sometimes happens when copying images from Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, and then using File->New or Edit->Paste in

    18 thoughts on “ 4.0.16 is now available

      • Rick Brewster says:

        If you installed the latest big Windows update, “Creator’s Edition”, then it will invalidate the NGEN cache for .NET applications. It will eventually recompile everything, but until then Paint.NET will start up more slowly.

        You can either figure out how to run the NGEN thing again, …. or just re-run the Paint.NET installer and let it re-install Paint.NET. It will fix things up for you.

    1. Meamoi says:

      1. You’re awesome for continued support of
      2. You should start a patreon. I’d totally through in a dollar a month to support continued development, and I bet many others would too.
      3. You should totes allow plugin be allowed to give options to add to the toolsbar (so a plugin can notify it’s available for it) but let the final decision on it’s inclusion be up to the user.

    2. Andi says:

      Very good free program. I’ve been using it for many years. But I’d be glad if I could set the default format, other than PNG.

    3. Tip says:

      I think that I’ve used Paint.Net for possibly 10 years or longer. I can’t think of a graphic software application that I’ve used more than this gem! BTW, I am also a user of Photoshop, but prefer for most of my graphic needs. Thank you Rick Brewster!

    4. John says:

      Two questions:
      Why do you keep updating this programm without even accepting donations?
      And can you please add a feature to save multiple tabs simultaniously? sometimes I have been working on multiple projects and I need to quickly save all of them.

    5. Nick Bailey says:

      Paint seemingly still incompatible with my Wacom stylus – there is a lag between pen touching and Paint recognising leading to circles with a flat start (see web link)

    6. Michael says:

      with the latest 4.0.16 updates will work with any windows 10 / Windows Ink certified Stylus pen? i.e. a windows 10 certified stylus with 133Hz refresh rate with hover support, 1024 pressure levels that supports right mouse click and eraser functions.

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