4.0.11 is now available

This update adds the ability to configure the Rounded Rectangle shape’s corner size. It also fixes issues with scrolling and panning, effect rendering performance, high DPI, and a rare system hang caused by WPF.

As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now.

Change log:



8 thoughts on “ 4.0.11 is now available

  1. Guyess says:

    Great update, you guys are champs!

    For the next update, could you get the effects and adjustments to use the GPU. And could you add shortcut editing?

  2. John B says:


    Would it be possible to include a feature to reset overscroll with a hotkey?
    For example by also resetting overscroll when resetting zoom with View / Actual Size or pressing CTRL + 0?

  3. John B says:

    It is possible today to move selected pixels or the selection itself using the cursor keys (and CTRL+cursor keys for larger movement).

    Would it be possible to add a feature that would allow us to adjust the selection size with SHIFT + cursor keys (and CTRL+SHIFT+cursor keys for larger movement)?

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