4.0 beta (build 5278) is now available

The fifth beta build for 4.0 is now available. Things are going very well: I only had to fix bugs that I introduced in the last update Smile

As usual, to install you can either 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have “Also check for pre-release (beta) builds,” or 3) download it from the forum at:

Changes since the last beta build:

  • Significantly improved performance of the Ellipse shape
  • Fixed the selection outline being drawn in the wrong location when zoomed in
  • Fixed a glitch in the Line/Curve tool
  • Fixed a rendering glitch and crash in the Move Selected Pixels tool
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to draw a shape with zero width and/or zero height
  • Updated installer to use .NET 4.5.2
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing the installer from working with certain McAfee antivirus configurations (MsiOpenDatabaseW error 110)
  • New language: Persian
  • New language: Danish



10 thoughts on “ 4.0 beta (build 5278) is now available

  1. says:


    It would be nice to include a native photoshop plug-in. The current available plug-in crashes with large file sizes.

  2. JB says:

    This update failed on my Win 8.1 machine. I wish I had kept a full record, but after the install I got a screen that had a whole bunch of unintelligible diagnostic data (I remember seeing paths that begin with “D:\,” which is a Recovery Disk partition on my box) and a whole lot more. The program wouldn’t run and I had no choice but to exit. I then uninstalled and installed the full beta download fresh. Same thing. So I uninstalled that and installed v3.5.11 and everything’s now copacetic.

    Surprised no one else has reported this. Is it my machine? Seems unlikely, but maybe.

    • Rick Brewster says:

      Yeah I’m going to need a bit more than “it gave me a bunch of unintelligible diagnostic data” in order to investigate that. I need the actual diagnostic data 🙂 Or screenshots or a video or something.

  3. rredline says:


    I think the move text “icon” bug I reported in build 5226 still exist in this build.

    1) Open an image with Paint.NET.
    2) Open Notepad and type some text on it.
    3) Copy the text in Notepad.
    4) Click on the image in Paint.NET and use “Ctrl+V” to paste the text onto the image.
    5) Out of 10 times, at least 2 to 3 times the move text “icon” at the lower right hand side of the text does not appear (may be a quick flash and then disappeared). We cannot move the text.

    Here is the pic:


  4. KnowBuddy says:

    I’ve experienced same, only not needing a copy & paste of external text. I just used the text tool to type in something original. 2 or 3 times out of 6 in same image, the move X dot did not appear or only flickered quickly & disappeared. This was using the latest beta.

  5. Thomas Zinsavage says:

    Great to see progress here. Don’t stress people it is beta. It is meant to have bugs, I am sure they will be worked out naturally and as time goes along.

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