The fourth alpha for 4.0 is now available! To install it, either use the built-in updater from a previous alpha build or head on over to the forum:

Here are the changes and fixes between the previous build (5086) and this one (5105) :

  • Added Bezier curve to the Shapes tool
  • Line/Curve shapes weren’t working with the rounded line cap styles
  • When opening an image (e.g. JPEG), the EXIF orientation/rotation metadata is now applied
  • Fixed: If you change the resolution from Image->Resolution, the selection measurement info in the status bar will now update
  • Fixed the selection tools not always showing the selection measurement info in the status bar
  • Text Tool: fixed Strikethrough being incorrectly rendered as Underline
  • Text Tool no longer interprets something like Alt+9 as the Home key
  • Fixed some effects leaving an empty progress bar in the status bar
  • Fixed the Magic Wand tool sometimes leaving an animated progress bar in the status bar
  • Move tool no longer resets the "angle" displayed in the status bar when you let go of the mouse, and it’s now an absolute angle versus relative to the beginning of the drag operation.
  • Move tools now let you use arrow keys while the mouse button is down. This allows fine precision control over rotations and moves and scales
  • Setup will now install .NET 4.5.1 instead of .NET 4.5
  • Reduced download size by 116KB
  • Fixed the update and language settings not carrying forward from the installer to the application
  • Main window now works in High Contrast mode on Windows 8/8.1
  • Settings dialog can now be accessed with Alt+X
  • Fixed a cosmetic blemish in the Updater dialog (it had a black "footer")
  • Fixed the Language dropdown in Settings sometimes showing up "blank"
  • Fixed a pseudo-crash when using Edit->Paste followed immediately by clicking and dragging
  • Fixed a crash on exit related to Direct2D and WARP