Here we go again! Last month I published some great numbers showing big gains in the areas of Windows 7, 64-bit, and Russian. This month there really isn’t much to report. Paint.NET usage is up a little, by about 4.3%. Windows 7 has cracked the 20% mark but that isn’t much of a jump since last month. Vista and XP have dropped a little, and 64-bit is showing a small gain (+6.7%). All in all a pretty quiet month, but things are still going in the right direction. (Please upgrade to Windows 7!)

Coding work on Paint.NET v4.0 has been progressing steadily, with a lot of progress being made on what you could call technology upgrades. More importantly I’ve made it past some important decisions. XP support is out so that I can focus on Win7/Vista and use Direct2D, DirectWrite, and the latest WIC (Windows Imaging Component) improvements. I’m hoping to implement a ribbon, although I’m still not entirely sure how to approach MDI with it. I think the current tabs+thumbnails approach works very well, but it may conflict with the official Ribbon UI licensing requirements. The canvas area will be hardware accelerated as much as is possible, and I’m also planning to pull in a docking panels system for the tool windows. Honestly, the transparent floaty windows thing was a neat idea but is starting to show its age, and it doesn’t work well at all on netbooks (1024×600 is a common resolution), or for a non-maximized window. The result is a very cramped UI for many situations. The library I’ve chosen to handle this works very similarly to Visual Studio, and has a lot of happy users already.

Here are some ugly pie charts:

And lastly, here are the raw numbers. Please note that “hits” refers to update manifest text files, not web site traffic in a browser. They are the result of an installation of Paint.NET being active and checking to see what the latest version is. Paint.NET doesn’t check for updates unless it’s open (no TSR’s), and it checks every 5 days at most (longer if it hasn’t been opened in more than 5 days, of course). Thus, these numbers are closer to indicating usage of Paint.NET as opposed to the raw, installed base of users.

February 2010 March 2010
Total update manifest hits 3,922,732 4,528,824
Hits per day 140,097 146,091
32-bit 87.72% 86.89%
64-bit 12.28% 13.11%
Windows XP 56.43% 55.76%
Windows 2003 0.24% 0.24%
Windows Vista / 2008 25.02% 23.72%
Windows 7 / 2008 R2 18.31% 20.29%
English 38.86% 38.85%
non-English 61.14% 61.15%
German 15.34% 14.68%
French 7.76% 7.79%
Portuguese 4.85% 5.20%
Spanish 5.90% 6.02%
Japanese 2.24% 2.24%
Italian 3.56% 3.57%
Polish 1.54% 1.51%
Netherlands (Dutch) 1.37% 1.35%
Russian 9.48% 9.79%
Chinese (Simplified) 0.67% 0.75%
Chinese (Traditional) 0.46% 0.55%
Turkish 3.68% 3.49%
Korean 0.31% 0.35%
All other languages 0.93% 0.81%
Have translations 79.48% 79.45%
Don’t have translations 20.52% 20.55%

Bold indicates that Paint.NET ships with the translation. Korean had a translation in v3.36, but not in v3.5+. For Russian, the reverse is true.