The Paint.NET forum has moved! Yay!

image When I mentioned that the forums were down for most of last week, I also promised it’d be worth it: we have finally moved the forum so that it’s sitting on our own hosting and not on freebie hosting. We’ve also migrated to IPB from phpBB, and will be adding and enabling more great features over the coming days and weeks.

Sorry to keep everyone in the dark, but we had to keep everyone in the dark, including our old freebie forum hosting provider.

The new address is

As with any large exodus or migration, there will be some glitches. For instance, apparently everybody on the forum was born on January 1st, 1970 🙂

Over time I’ll try to make sure all the links on this blog are pointing at the new location.

One nice thing about a big leap like this is that we can shed some dead weight. I just deleted over 16,000 accounts which had zero posts: that’s more than half the entire list of users!


6 thoughts on “The Paint.NET forum has moved! Yay!

  1. Klimax says:

    Just a question: In case there was my account as wel,will I be able to reregistrer again?

  2. Drazick says:

    Is there a chance to enable Open ID support, or even Live ID sign in?


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