I’ve blogged about system requirements before. So far I’ve been content to leave the minimum version of Windows set to XP SP2, based both on user feedback and lack of necessity. It has come at the cost of adding about 2MB to the download package, but the work had already been completed and it was useful.

However, that will have to change soon. Later this year, Paint.NET will move to .NET 4.0. I am planning to do this before the increasingly mythic release of Paint.NET v4.0, and shortly after the public release of .NET 4.0 (whenever that ends up being). If you check out the download page for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 2, you will see that it requires XP SP3 or Vista SP1.

For many users this won’t be an issue. The updates are free*, and if you’re lucky then they’ll be automatically applied on some nice lazy weekend when you’re out sleeping, drinking, or fishing. Maybe even all three! Although if you haven’t updated yet, then please do so soon.

Many computers’ updates, especially those within the walls of corporate environments or educational institutions, are more conservatively applied (and with good reason). For those administrators in charge of such things, consider this blog post as my request to make sure all your XP boxes are at SP3, and that all your Vista boxes are at SP1 or SP2. There will then be one less obstacle toward getting .NET 4.0 installed, and thus one step closer toward the Paint.NET update which will require it.

While the minimum for Vista users will be SP1, I still recommend SP2 of course. That will help ensure you have the latest updates and security fixes as well as allowing you to install the Platform Update which includes DirectWrite, something that Paint.NET makes good use of if available.

For your convenience, here are download links for the service packs:

You can also just open up Windows Update and have it download and install things until it’s done.

* free in the sense that Microsoft does not charge for them.