Paint.NET v3.35 final release now available!

This version has a new Posterize adjustment, Intersect selection mode, and dramatically faster selection editing performance (add, subtract, intersect). Oh, and the usual crop of miscellaneous bug fixes, of course!

You can get this update by using the built-in updater (Help menu -> “Check for Updates”), or by downloading it from the website at . The update process is very automated, so you won’t need to worry about uninstalling your old version or anything — it’s all taken care of for you.


· New: Posterize adjustment, by Ed Harvey.
· New: Intersect selection editing mode.
· Improved: Dramatically improved selection editing performance for the Add and Subtract modes (and also for Intersect). The performance used to be dependent on image size, and thus was often unusable on images larger than 1024×768 pixels. It is now dependent only on selection complexity (number of polygon edges) — the improvement is generally between 3x and 1000x.
· New: When holding Ctrl or Alt for a selection tool, the cursor now has a plus or minus indicator.
· Changed: The canvas background is now a solid color instead of a gradient. The gradient was causing certain tone misjudgments related to bright versus dark colors.
· Changed: Shortcut key for Sepia is now Ctrl+Shift+E. The shortcut for Posterize is now Ctrl+Shift+P.
· Changed: Hotkeys for selection modes are now Left click for Replace, Control+Left click for Add (union), Alt+Left click for Subtract (difference), Alt+Right click for Intersect, and Ctrl+Right click for Invert (xor).
· Changed: When using a selection mode other than “replace”, it will now draw the selection outline so that you can see both the original and resulting selection areas. Before, it would only draw the resulting selection area outline, which made modes such as Intersect hard to use.
· Fixed: The Resize dialog had some rounding errors with the “Maintain aspect ratio” feature, which caused a few discrepancies and even a spurious “out of memory” error.
· Fixed: Some quirks with the Color Wheel control for IndirectUI-based effect plugins.
· Fixed: Several miscellaneous and rare crashes.
· Fixed: The installer would display a bizarre error if a “blank” install folder was attempted.
· Fixed: The installer now only accepts absolute path locations, instead of relative ones. This fixes an ambiguity between where Paint.NET believes it is installing itself to, and the directory that Windows Installer actually uses.
· Fixed: Sometimes pasting would result in a crash when certain types of malfored data were on the clipboard.
· Fixed: It was possible to get around some of the protections imposed by the IndirectUI system. This was causing instability with some effect plugins such as “Fern Fractal”.
· Fixed: There were some issues with the implementation of “linked” sliders for effects based on IndirectUI.



7 thoughts on “Paint.NET v3.35 final release now available!

  1. Aaron Kelley says:

    > Changed: Hotkeys for selection modes are now Left click for Replace, Control+Left click for Add (union), Alt+Left click for Subtract (difference), Ctrl+Left click for Intersect, and Ctrl+Right click for Invert (xor).

    It looks to me like Ctrl+Left click is being used for two different things? I mean, unless Ctrl and Control are two different keys…

    Also, I know you have good reason for getting rid of it, but I liked the background gradient… 😛

  2. Hutch says:

    New selection is awesome! All modes work much smoother, and with multiple selections too… rectangle shows almost no sign of slower response no matter how big the image. Keyboard shortcuts might take a little getting used to though.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. KinderWulf says:

    could the next version have a animation thingy for small animation icons? like the ones 4 image ready^^!!!plz and i luv your program !!!it is like photoshop and free!!!thx very for your hard work on this program and making it free!X3

  4. Art says:

    Hi just installed the version 3.35.3106.20184
    on widows XP with service pack 3 .

    My question is what happened to all the different Fonts ?
    I loved useing the Calligraphy font and it’s gone …Can anyone help me?


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