The new Nine Inch Nails, "Ghosts" Volume 1 through 4

What a great way to start the week.

I clicked the "Buy" button about as soon as I saw it show up on digg. I’m almost done downloading the 600MB ZIP containing the album encoded in FLAC. The download links are one-time use only, so hopefully Firefox doesn’t crash!


10 thoughts on “The new Nine Inch Nails, "Ghosts" Volume 1 through 4

  1. Mike R says:

    Whoa! You are a Nine Inch Nails fan? And you drink? Totally different from the stereotypical Microsoft programmer 😀

  2. MiguelPereira says:

    OMG, new album already! Year Zero got out last year wasn’t it? Great, and I didn’t know you were a NIN guy Rick… But hey who isn’t! 😀

    Have you listened?

  3. Dave says:

    I have been trying all morning to get this because I used to love the old Nine Inch Nails music many years ago with Pretty Hate Machine, Downward Spiral and so on. Anyways, this download keeps coming in so slow and the download keeps getting cancelled between 1-4 MB in. I guess the traffic is too heavy for them to handle so I will probably just wait a few days for things to settle.

  4. ChristianB says:

    New (or I should say more) respect from me too!
    How does it sound?

    My FLAC download died about 460Mb into the 600Mb download. I’ve contacted support and they have told me they are going to reset the download counters so that people can finish their downloads.

  5. Pat VanDusen says:

    Sir, I must say, since I discovered Paint.NET a few months ago, I have been nothing but impressed by both your work and the information you choose to share with the public through your blog. Your writing is always entertaining.

    But now that I know that you are also a Nine Inch Nails fan, I think I can safely say HOLYCRAP.

  6. Dalton says:


    Yes, Rick, let’s hope Firefox doesn’t crash.
    But mine since I’ve used it has only crashed 2 times.
    In over a year.
    So the chances..

  7. Webdroid says:

    By the way, apparently, all 2,500 copies were sold in one day. Which means Trent pocketed a sweet little sum of $750,000.00 🙂 Sweet.

  8. Mike says:

    Just got my hands on Ghosts. Now to use it in my book (I love CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)…the way Trent’s former Record Company’s CEO would sue me over of course! So far, not bad (still not finished listening to Ghosts I)

  9. Andrew says:

    I cant wait to see Trent at voodoo in New Orleans. its always great to see people play their home towns. NIN always puts on a great show, but its a completely different level when its in New Orleans. Check out these videos of past NIN voodoo performances.

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