Paint.NET v3.20 (Final) is now available!

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Alright, you can either get it from the website,, or via the built-in updater from the Help menu (“Check for Updates”). Thanks are due to everyone for all the alpha and beta testing help. Enjoy! And now I’m hungry so I’m gonna go eat or something.

New in this release since v3.10:

  • Rectangle Select tool can now draw selections based on a Fixed Size or Fixed Ratio
  • The selection combination mode is now accessible from the toolbar (Replace, Add (union), Subtract, Invert (“xor”)).
  • The “flood mode” for the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tool are now accessible from the toolbar (Continuous, or Global)
  • Reorganized the Effects menu so that all effects are classified under submenus named Artistic, Blurs, Distort, Noise, Photo, Render, and Stylize.
  • Improved rendering quality for the Motion Blur effect.
  • Enhanced the Radial Blur effect so that the center of blurring can be chosen, as well as the quality.
  • Enhanced the Zoom Blur effect so that the center of zooming can be chosen.
  • Enhanced the Bulge distortion effect so that the center of “bulging” can be chosen.
  • Enhanced the Frosted Glass distortion effect in several ways: 1) performance has been improved from between 1,000% to 10,000% depending on image size and property settings, 2) the scatter radius can now be set up to 200 pixels, 3) a “minimum” scatter radius can be chosen, 4) a smoothness setting is now available.
  • Enhanced the Tile Reflection distortion effect by adding a Quality property.
  • Enhanced the Twist distortion effect by 1) allowing counter-clockwise twisting, 2) allowing the size of the twisted area to be configured, 3) allowing the location/center of twisting to be chosen.
  • Enhanced the Add Noise effect by adding a “coverage” property.
  • New Mandelbrot Fractal and Julia Fractal render effects.
  • New IndirectUI system for plugin authors so that they can develop much more sophisticated effect configuration dialogs with a fraction of the amount of work that used to be required.
  • If an effect plugin crashes, it is much more likely that Paint.NET will be able to recover from the error. The option to restart Paint.NET will then be provided as a recommended course of action.
  • If an effect plugin fails to load, or is blocked from loading, then a “View Plugin Load Errors…” item will be added to the File menu which can be clicked on to show the error and/or diagnostic information.
  • Improved the cursors for the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools.
  • Ctrl+Alt+0 now works for View->Actual Size (aka, “Zoom to 100%”), which is a shortcut key that other software uses (e.g., Photoshop).
  • Updates are now installed faster by only creating one System Restore point instead of two (it used to implicitly create one for uninstall, then one for the reinstall).
  • Lots of little bug fixes.

14 thoughts on “Paint.NET v3.20 (Final) is now available!

  1. L.Rawlins says:

    Excellent. Just want to suggest something whilst the idea has popped into my head if I may…

    From the update window it would be supremely useful if there were an option for ‘Plugins’. Through such an interface not only could the most Popular & more importantly Stable additions be listed and served outside of the website forum, but perhaps through such an interface prior installed plugins could be incrementally updated too.

    I don’t doubt it’s difficulty to implement since plugins are primaily third party affairs, but wouldn’t some kind of PDN hosted repository for approved additions serve such a purpose?

    Just a thought, do with it what you will. Thank you for this 3.2 development.

  2. Erich says:


    it´s a nice image-editor but sometimes i am not connected to the internet and then i have no helpfile.
    Is it posible to offer a a chm-file for downloading and to config the Program to use the offlinehelp ?

    I have read the decision for using the online-help (it´s more actual) but better a not so actual helpfile than no helpfile.

  3. Antonio says:

    Thank you very much for all your work! is my favorite picture editing tool.

  4. M_Lyons4 says:

    I second L.Rawlins’s suggestion. This is very similar to what I’ve been discussing on the forums. This would be an excellent feature.

    All in all, this looks like a great release. I really look forward to a cleaner Plugins Menu… 🙂

  5. Sah War says:

    An astounding update for Paint.NET! A wonderful release, indeed! The improvements are fantastic and they shine the way of the future developing of this astonishing application! Hooray, everyone! PDN v3.20 is out! The improvements to the Rectangle Select tool & Magic Wand & selection combination mode are the stepping point of this release undoubtedly! The new IndirectUI system is surely to accelarate the development of more useful plugins.
    Once more, thanks a billion!

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