Paint.NET v3.20 Release Candidate 1 is now available

You can get it either from the website,, or from within Paint.NET itself via the auto-updater. Note: Make sure you have “Also check for beta releases” enabled. You can access this option by going to Help -> Check for Updates, and then clicking on the “Options” button.

The number of fixes in this release is very small, and that’s a good indicator that we’re almost ready for the final release. I’m hoping to have that out by Friday, in fact.

Please be sure to report any compatibility problems with plugins.


  • Note: New features will be displayed in English through the Alpha and Beta release(s). The final release will include full translations for the other supported languages.
  • Fixed: If a floating tool window (Colors, History, Layers, Tools) was not docked/snapped, and the screen resolution was lowered or a Remote Desktop session was initiated, then the window would stay off screen and be “lost”. It is now moved to keep it on-screen.
  • Fixed: An issue for plugin developers where Effect`1.Render(3) was incorrectly throwing an exception when indirectly called through Effect.Render(6). This was preventing an updated version of the “Film Noir” plugin from working, even though its code was correct.
  • Integrated updated translations for Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Chinese (Simplified). An updated German translation will be present in the final release.

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