Get it either from the website (, or from within Paint.NET itself. Note: Make sure you have “Also check for beta releases” enabled. You can access this option by going to Help -> Check for Updates, then clicking on the “Options” button.

Please be sure to report any compatibility problems with plugins! Note: The new plugin system is still subject to change. Plugins written for this alpha are not guaranteed to work with the Beta or Final releases (although I will of course do my best to avoid breaking things).

  • Note: New features will be displayed in English through the Alpha and Beta release(s). The final release will include full translations for the other supported languages.
  • Fixed: Paint.NET would crash if you clicked on the “start cap” or “end cap” buttons for the Line/Curve tool*
  • Fixed: Using Sepia would produce a result identical to Black & White, and would also mess up the undo history
  • Changed: Tolerance slider control is now 25% wider as per request on the forum
  • Changed: Improved the Magic Wand cursor
  • Changed: Improved the Paint Bucket cursor
  • Fixed: OnSetRenderInfo() was being called twice for effects that use the new property system
  • Fixed: Soften Portrait allows “0” for the Softness value again
  • Fixed: Tweaked some of the slider controls in some of the revamped effects
  • Fixed: Compatibility with several plugins

* You would not believe how many e-mails I got about this crash! Good thing it was just an alpha relase!