Paint.NET v3.10 Beta 2 is now available!

There were enough code changes and additional fixes to warrant a second beta, so here it is! Anyway, get it in the usual places: (1) from the website,, or (2) via the built-in updater. Make sure that “Also check for pre-release (Beta) versions” is enabled.


  • Changed: Increased max brush size to 500, as per forum members request
  • Fixed: Some layout issues with the Save Configuration dialog and the DDS configuration control
  • Fixed: In some cases, undoing an action that removed a layer would result in the un-removed layer not showing up until you resized the Layers window (“ghost layers”)
  • Fixed: Pressing F1 from the main window would launch the online help in two browser tabs
  • Fixed: Adding a new layer now adds it above the currently active layer instead of at the very top of the layer list
  • Fixed: Merge Down now activates the merged layer instead of the one above it
  • Fixed: Put the ‘x’ close button back in the Layer Properties window (managed to fix the bug w/o necessitating removal of the ‘x’)
  • Fixed: In Vista, clicking on a URL link from the installer will no longer launch the web browser with inherited, elevated privileges



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