Paint.NET v3.10 Preview

I’ve been working slowly* on what I’m currently calling version 3.20, but in the meantime I decided to put out a small feature-based release. It will be called Paint.NET v3.10, and will include a few new effects, support for a new file type, and of course a few bug fixes. This is the first time that a Paint.NET update will be incorporating code from the community, and I’ve got high hopes for this release. Here’s what’s planned so far:

Megan Fox and Mandy Moore guest star in this blog post. Here are the original images for the modified ones that are shown below:

Soften Portrait – This is based on the “Portrait” effect originally written by BoltBait (aka David Issel). Its implementation is inspired by the Orton Effect that has been popular in photography for quite some time.

Ink Sketch – Again, another effect by BoltBait. I haven’t finalized the icon for this one yet. I’d really like a good quality “ink pen” graphic but haven’t really been able to find one yet!

DDS file type support – This is basically a straight bundling of the DDS File Type Plugin by Dean Ashton. DDS is short for “Direct Draw Surface” and is a file format used by many games and also by the XNA SDK for the XBOX 360. It will install as a few separate DLL’s in the FileTypes directory. This way Dean still has the ability to issue his own updates independent of Paint.NET’s updating schedule.

I have also made some performance tweaks to some of the other effects, with about a 5-15% increase for Oil Painting, Frosted Glass, and Gaussian Blur.

Paint.NET v3.10 should be in beta soon, with the final release by mid-August.

* Hey even I have to take things easy once in awhile J


4 thoughts on “Paint.NET v3.10 Preview

  1. mickiscoole says:

    I always love getting updates for some reason. Maybe because my life is incredibly boring.
    Nice to see that Community code is getting used, as one of the main aspects of PDN is the community behind it.
    just my AUD$0.02

  2. Matt says:

    I love the orton effect you put on the young lady with the white background…I was wondering if I could post it on MY blog for my photography students to see..We are discussing the LOMO effect and the ORTON effect!!!

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