I’ve said for a long time that I didn’t want a “Settings” dialog in Paint.NET. I honestly felt that providing as few settings as possible, as well as reasonable defaults for the ones that did exist, was the best way to go.

However, it’s finally to the point where it actually makes sense to consolidate the few settings that Paint.NET has into a proper Settings dialog. This also opens up the ability to easily add new settings where it makes sense.

Here’s a preview:

The “Choose Tool Defaults” dialog will also be folded into this.

I’m using IndirectUI to auto-generate and auto-databind most of this. This is the same system that is used for most of the effect and file type configuration UI as well. It’s a versatile system and is saving me a lot of time. Getting the new application settings system (the data and storage model) up and running has taken a bit of time, but adding any new setting or settings section only takes a few minutes. The dialog here didn’t take much time at all, either.

Effect plugins will be able to query the “Default Quality Level” setting and apply it as they see fit, along with any other settings that end up being pertinent.

Oh, and I’m using DirectWrite to render all of the text now. It works really well, looks great, and is configurable (if you prefer the “GDI Classic” mode, well then just change the setting). Even the buttons are no longer using GDI+, and also have the animations that “real” buttons in the rest of Windows have (this is a change throughout Paint.NET, not just in the Settings dialog).

As usual, the icons are from the excellent Fugue Icon set.