I’ve finally got a little down time since putting out another alpha build for Paint.NET v3.5 tonight (go get it!), so I decided it was a good opportunity to update the usage statistics. The last time I posted an update was last October, and that’s way too long to have gone without an update.

Overall, usage of Paint.NET is up by 9.2%. This is based on the total hits to the update manifest text files. The slow growth isn’t too surprising since there haven’t been any (stable/mainstream) updates to Paint.NET in awhile, and hence not a lot of news or blog posts to draw people to the website. That’s okay though, as version 3.5 is coming soon (more on that in a bit!).

There aren’t too many changes in the demographics of Paint.NET users. Well, the number of French users has dropped from almost 8% down to 6.8%. Turkish has grown in popularity, jumping from 3% all the way up to 4.32% – an impressive relative increase of 44%.

The thing I’m happiest about is the rapid increase of 64-bit Windows. Last October, only 2.66% of Paint.NET users were on 64-bit, but now we’re up to 5.55%. That’s more than double! Windows XP’s share has dropped from 71.65 down to 65%, and Vista has increased slightly from 28% up to 32%. Windows 7 hasn’t even hit general availability and it’s already claiming 2.6% of the user base (which is very good!). I do not have numbers for which release of Windows 7 people are using (Beta vs. RC vs. RTW).

I even ran the numbers to see how many people are using the Paint.NET v3.5 Alpha builds. So far it’s only 0.8%, but that’s perfectly fine by me. The whole point of an alpha is to start out with a small audience! Honestly I thought the number would be less. A beta release should be available soon, and that means it will be offered via the mainstream updater for users who have opted-in to beta updates. I’m sure my inbox will be flooded the next day with crash reports 🙂

I decided to make some pie charts in Excel, for fun (although the colors it chose could use some work) :


And lastly, here are the numbers:

  October 2008 July 2009
Total hits 2,728,795 2,979,631
Hits per day 88,025 96,117
32-bit 97.34% 94.45%
64-bit 2.66% 5.55%
Windows XP 71.65% 64.97%
Windows 2003 0.41% 0.32%
Windows Vista / 2008 27.94% 32.14%
Windows 7 0.01% 2.57%
English 43.20% 42.30%
non-English 56.80% 57.70%
German 15.79% 15.75%
French 7.98% 6.80%
Portuguese 5.85% 6.05%
Spanish 5.39% 6.01%
Japanese 2.00% 2.12%
Italian 3.09% 2.99%
Polish 1.78% 1.52%
Netherlands (Dutch) 1.53% 1.26%
Russian 4.16% 5.41%
Chinese (Simplified) 0.94% 0.83%
Chinese (Traditional) 0.63% 0.60%
Turkish 3.00% 4.32%
Korean 0.47% 0.46%
All other languages 1.34% 1.23%
Have translations 84.71% 83.31%
Don’t have translations 15.29% 16.69%

Bold indicates a language that Paint.NET v3.36 includes a translation for.