First alpha build of Paint.NET v3.5 is now available

Here’s where you can check it out:

This will not be made available on the website. I don’t even recommend that any download websites host it yet. We’ll wait for the beta for that!

In the meantime, please download, install, and post your comments on the forum.


18 thoughts on “First alpha build of Paint.NET v3.5 is now available

  1. L. says:

    I installed it, and it looks quite good for now.

    Since .Net 3.5 SP1 is required, wouldn’t it be a good idea to include JPEG XR (aka HD Photo) support by default?

  2. Chris Wigman says:

    Fabulous, Rick! I’ve been using PDN a lot lately, and regularly get “out of memory” messages as 3.36 reaches the 1.1~1.2GB level. I hope that 3.5 will put this undesirable limit to rest, at least to some extent. I’d like to work at resolutions higher than 4096×4096 and my PC has 3.5GB of RAM, so it should be capable!

    I look forward to trying this build soon.

  3. Rick Brewster says:

    L — I looked at it, but nobody’s really using JPEG XR / HDP. I just don’t have the justification to add this as a feature.

    Chris — You should really install 64-bit Windows if you want to work with images that large.

  4. drakaan says:

    Looking good from what I’ve tried so far. I *really* like the new selections, and the difficulties moving very small selections seem to have been addressed.

    I like it!

  5. James Gray says:

    Just down loaded and clicked on the immediate update button.

    Finally got it running but cannot get the clone stamp feature to work. I must be missing something in the instructions

    I select “clone stamp” encircle the doner area and then encircle the receiver area and nothing happens. I’ve tried clicking in various ways but nada. Where am I going wrong?



  6. Craig B says:

    I would definately like JpXR to be officially supported rather than a plugin, but I will have to allow time for the final spec. I don’t think anyone’s going to be putting their support behind it before that’s delivered.

    Still…speaking as someone who does not like stagnation I do hope Rick will add it ASAP, though I make no demands. 🙂 (Hell, I’m annoyed that we’re still on BIOS. For now.)

    Later peeps

  7. Brian J. says:

    I was wondering if (in future updates) some kind of blur tool comparable to GIMP’s could be included. I really like the tool, but GIMP has a brush size limit of 19px, not to mention that it takes FOREVER to start up.

    Additionally, some kind of feather edge option for the cutting tools (lasso, free-select, circle, square, etc.) would be helpful to prevent pixelated edges.

    I love PDN though, and use it as my primary photoeditor.

  8. Dan says:

    Hi rick.

    Ive been using your alpha version for a few days now. and i have a few bits of constructive critisism.

    1) Icons:

    The unsaved changes dialogue amongst others uses home made icons, which windows already has (sorry, but better..>) Versions of. EG: The /!\ Icon.

    2) Can all betas and alphas please not install over STABLE builds!

    3) I use windows 7, will jump lists be futher supported? that would be brilliant.

    EG: Tasks: New Image
    then obviously most recent etc.

    4) The menu bars at the top look windows XP era, even on vista and windows 7, will you be updating these to the silver menu bars now used in these two os’s?

  9. Rick Brewster says:


    1 — I’m not sure what you mean by “home made” icons. Many of those icons are what come with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, or with the famfamfam set. Many others are combined from multiple icons in those sets.

    2 — Absolutely not. The point is to test “real” code and “real” installation/upgrade. All you have to do is make a copy of v3.36’s directory before installing the alpha, and run that instead if you so choose. Otherwise I’d get to releasing 3.5 finally only to realize that install/update had never actually been tested.

    3 — Not sure yet.

    4 — Yes I am planning to, but we’ll see.

  10. Dan says:

    Hi again rick.

    Its fantastic how you reply so quickly to ‘fans’ of your software.

    On the subject of the icons, i understand they are not home made. That is my mistake. What i mean however is that the ! icon is already in versions of windows. And perhaps you should just map your one to use the better windows one? Just a thought.

    2) Oh, thanks i see now.

    3) I think you should really consider it, it really improves productivity! 😀

    4) Awesome. Because i feel that is the only thing that make look a bit dated on Win7/ vista. The gradiant in the top right hand corner image selector looks brilliant however!

    Thanks again,

  11. Rick Brewster says:

    Dan, for #3, I do like the idea. However, I don’t see this being done for v3.5. The reason is that these commands are currently prevented from executing in the main UI at “bad” times only by UI modality. In other words, you can’t create a new Image while you’re saving or rendering an effect simply because you can’t click on that menu item. The amount of work to track this may be small and easy, or not, but I won’t delay v3.5’s release for it. The same applies for adding thumbnails for each tab in the taskbar, like the way IE8 handles each browser tab.

  12. constantin says:

    Thanks for the alpha! It is very nice! I have a suggestion. Could you implement the possibility: paste from clipboard into VISIBLE part of an image? For example: I working with two images, the former has big zooming and when I copying some area from the second image I HAVE TO scroll the first image to find the selection. It’s very annoying!

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