Thank you, Akimset spam detector

One of the most popular plugins for WordPress blogs is the Akimset spam detector. Mine says it has found and squashed 93,860 spam posts since it was installed. I’m always amazed at what type of spam the robots try and sneak through every day.

Here’s a recent spam post:


Thanks for the comment! I’ll be sure to raise that issue with management the next time I see them.


23 thoughts on “Thank you, Akimset spam detector

  1. Dean says:

    I’ve found one of the best spam defences on my blog was to simply rename the Name, Email, Comment, etc fields to something that’s nonsense. It seems that 99% of spambots just look for fields called “comment” or “message” and post that.

    For example, just looking at this page, your fields are called “author”, “email”, “url” and “comment”. By renaming them to garbage, you save a lot of processing on the server, because the spam bot doesn’t even try.

  2. A_Pickle says:


    I mean, is that projection for Paint.NET 4.0 on the Roadmap page still accurate?

  3. Anubis says:


    Seriously. The bots got owned 🙂

  4. Tom says:

    Paint.NET v3.5
    This release will implement many important “under the hood” changes to set the stage for a successful version 4.0 release. The target date for this release is Summer 2008.

    Rick, Did i miss something……….. Summer 2008?

  5. Stainless steel Keith says:

    If these jokers would spend their time working on productive projects, the world economy would get an instant boost. How much time do we spend with viruses, bots, spam, etc? What a waste.

    Thanks for the great program here too. I love it!

  6. Faris says:

    Dear Rick Brewster,

    Is Arabic language supported in 3.36?
    I don’t mean the Arabic language interface but at least ability to write right to lift text.

    If not is it in the agenda of 4.0 release?

  7. Ike says:

    I was thinking if you can make this for the iPod Touch. You know like app store? It would be Pretty amazing to do so. I will love you guys forever. I know you guys don’t own a Mac (Thank you!). But this can be an oppurtunity of a life time to put you software or App to the world on the number on Music player. iPhones and iPods.

  8. Matt says:

    judging by the position of the lettering of fty and u on a qwerty keyboard, uytftyuftyftuyftyuftuyftuyf was made by a person, not a bot. (The keys fit perfectly to the 4 fingers of the right hand). Just my inner nerdiness speaking out, sorry 😛

  9. Fleet Command says:

    WordPress people love Akimset? What a coincident. When I first read this post on my feed reader, I though it would be great to run into a website with this spam detector to see it in action.

    Now I am thinking that it would have been so great if this spam detector was never created, so that it was never blogged about, so that I never wished I see one in action, so that I was never banned from a certain product’s forum for posting a very polite bug report. Apparently, this Akimset does not like snapshots uploaded to a photo sharing website whose name is spelled out T, I, N, Y, P, I, C, dot, C, O, M even when the screenshot’s hyperlink is not alive.

    Now, a word of advise for those who wish to see their favorite weapons in action: Either don’t wish anymore or do not ask it from a deity that is not omniscient enough to know you don’t like to see the said weapon in the act of OPENING FIRE UPON YOU. Or… Okay, feel free to disregard my advise, if you wish so(!).

  10. david scanlon says:

    Amazing program, really well done for making it. It’s so useful and easy to use..My one thing is that I have install the microsoft net framework evertime i go to a new machine. Any chance of bundling the net framework with the installer?

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