It’s a very cool effect to extend glass into the non-client area, but it looks like GDI’s ClearType text rendering is obliterating the alpha channel. Thus, all text is essentially see-through. I don’t know of a way to tell the DWM to exclude certain areas from "glassification", you can essentially only give it 1 rectangle.

(Click for full size version)

So if I want to do something with glass it’ll take quite a bit of effort — maybe I’ll wait until a later milestone 🙂

Anyway let me know what you think. I do have plans for a visual "facelift" for Paint.NET v4. The first thing I’ve done is add a little gradient to the thumbnails in the image list at the top right (which took all of 5 seconds to implement, then 5 minutes to tweak the alpha values so it didn’t look wonky).