Large companies, such as Microsoft or Google, have entire sections of their company dedicated to things like PR (Public Relations) and paying attention to what the media says about them. As a small time individual developer, you probably don’t have time to track down everything that is said about your product. But, if you know how to use an RSS Aggregator such as RSS Bandit or Google Reader, then you can passively (efficiently) watch a lot of the buzz about your product.

The trick is to use the RSS syndication feature in Google Blog Search. Basically you do a search for your product’s name, and then you click on the button to get an RSS feed for that search query. Whenever you check in on your RSS feeds, you’ll know if people have been talking about your product in the “blogosphere.”

Step 1 — Go to Google Blog Search and type in your product’s name. Usually you want to surround it with quotes.

Step 2 — On the top right side inside the browser window, click on “Sort by date”. The default is to sort by relevance.

Step 3 — On the left side of the window, find where it says “Subscribe:” and then click on the format that you prefer (I use RSS, for instance).

Try it out 🙂 I use this to keep up on what people are saying about Paint.NET — both good and negative.