"It’s about time!!!" — Many users who keep pestering me for this

I just finished about 90% of the code for adding 8-bit and 24-bit support to Paint.NET’s PNG codec. Most of the work wasn’t even in the PNG codec itself, but rather in adding IndirectUI support for FileType plugins. Once that was done, the extra PNG code just tripped and fell into place. I just really didn’t want to write another WinForms widget complete with obnoxious layout and data binding.

(dang, I was trying to add a screenshot, but Windows Live Writer refuses to cooperate, oh well — I’ll save it for later I guess?)

To be honest, it’s that laborious and error-prone WinForms code that was preventing me from adding this support over the last 2 years. After you write it once you realize that you just don’t want to write and debug it ever again. With IndirectUI I only have to write the layout and data binding once, and then I can re-use it for every other file type configuration UI I make going forward.

I also plan to redo the configuration UI for the GIF, TGA, and DDS file types so that they use a few simple lines of IndirectUI instead of mountains of WinForms code. Who knows, maybe expanded BMP support will make it into the next release as well. Why not? I wish everything was as easy to implement as with IndirectUI.

Also, while implementing this I found out that the SOAP formatter for .NET serialization has essentially been deprecated. It doesn’t support serialization of types that have generic type parameters, and will not be updated … lame! So I have moved the persistence for file type settings over to the BinaryFormatter. This means that the next Paint.NET update will forget any settings you’ve had for file types. For instance, if you had JPEG set to a quality of 75 or something (default is 90), that will be reset in the next update.