I guess "Photoshop" really is turning into a generic verb, something that Adobe is undoubtedly unhappy about. I found this on a Q&A website, paraphrased for readability:

Question: "My friend has pictures of her eyes, a different color that really stick out. It’s grey and her eyes are bright blue or neon green. Please tell me how to do that." (Note: I believe they are asking how to take a picture of someone’s face and apply a grayscale effect to only the eyes.)

Answer 1: "Oh yeah, I’ve seen that but I don’t know how to do that either … let’s read what everyone else has to say, I want to know too…"

Answer 2: "use paint.net to photoshop it"

I won’t link to it so as to preserve their anonymity, but it’s easy enough to find by doing a search for the title of this blog post (including the quotation marks).

Anyway, I just thought that was curious enough to share … πŸ™‚