Australian $ added to Paint.NET Donations page

Someone made a blog comment the other day about not having a button on the Paint.NET Donate page for Australian currency. I realized they were totally right and there was no reason to not have it, so today I added it.

Also, freeware developers … do not underestimate having a release close to Christmas time. My donations are up 111% this month compared to November (which, in turn, was up 64% over October). Next month will probably show a sharp downward correction, but that’s fine and is to be expected.


9 thoughts on “Australian $ added to Paint.NET Donations page

  1. Mike says:

    Why not add Her Majesty’s Pounds Sterling (£) (I may be American, but pay me in £ any day considering our weak $)

  2. WJUK says:

    Mike has a point there.

    £10 = $20 (approx.)

    If you start accepting Pound Sterlings than you may just hear more “kaching!” noises…

  3. Rick Brewster says:

    Makes sense, another “duh” moment for me 🙂 I’ve added it.

    “Please send me money! Just make sure to use anything but US $ !”

  4. WJUK says:

    I would donote but I’ve spent all my money on Christmas gifts… when I say ‘Christmas gifts’ I mean ‘GH3’… and when I say ‘GH3’ I mean a new laptop… 🙂

  5. Andrew says:

    When getpaint notifies me of a new version, and I click on the “more info” link button, it opens internet explorer and goes to the link.
    Why doesn’t it use the default browser I have set (firefox)?

  6. sue says:

    A short comment..I really like the program. I’ve had it in my computer since i can remember (something like ver.1) and with every new release it gets better! Thanks for making life with photo editing a little more enjoyable! Keep up the good work!

  7. Mike says:

    That is a good question. I would use the default browser (I use Firefox as well and only use Internet Explorer for Microsoft Update and Netflix’s Watch Instantly) too.

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