I just signed up for Kontera’s in-text advertising program. I’ve put it on the main Paint.NET website and on the help content. It seems pretty unobtrusive, and hopefully it will help out the bottom line. Maybe it will increase revenue 5%, 10%, maybe 50%? (That would be exciting!) Who knows! I won’t know unless I try.

I’m trying to convince Terrence to try Kontera on his blog, but so far he’s resisted my manipulative logic. So I pointed him to John Chow’s sage wisdom about when you should put ads on your blog. Maybe he can make double what AdSense is sending his way, which is to say … nothin’ so far. (which is fine since he doesn’t have much traffic yet) But at least it’s greater than or equal to zero.

And don’t worry, the Paint.NET software itself is still advertising free. One directive with Paint.NET is to provide software you can use without having to feel embarrassed about it. “Hey look, your paint program has ads! Haha!” Yeah, no. Having ads inside a client application is not something that’s really been done well yet, in my opinion. I have ideas on how to do this, but so far they’re not ones that I can share.