Update on Suspicious Donations

Earlier I wrote that I was receiving many small, suspicious donations. I notified PayPal about the issue, but unfortunately I only got a form-letter response back (and it took a week to get it). I refunded every single suspicious donation, and was getting worried that the refunding would then flag me as some participant. So I started including comments in the refunds to notify the individual that I had reported the activity to PayPal and to STOP IT. There was no “please” or politeness in my wording, but there were also no accusations or anything.

Finally, today I got an e-mail directly from the individual.

    Subject: Sorry

    Definitely no more such donations.

Hopefully that means it is done. I don’t know if the individual was actually trying to send me small donations and did not understand that PayPal takes 100% until you reach about 35 cents, or if it was an attempt at gaming or fraudulent activity. As long as this is the end of it, I consider this case to be closed.


2 thoughts on “Update on Suspicious Donations

  1. Bebb says:

    Hooray, your little “financial problem regarding donations” is solved. Hopefully! Also, I notice you’ve changed the theme back to normal. thank you. This default wordpress theme looks much better than that new one you tried out. 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    This is good. Hopefully whoever is doing it will really not do it again (yes, I read the “sorry” reply they sent). Also, thanks for bringing back the WordPress default theme.

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